Bring your stories

This blog aims at showing you how to make the best of decisions using others’ experiences.

However, we get those stories (shared experiences) through people like you. People who are willing to tell their stories and show how they handled theirs.

Why should you tell it?

Many people pass through situations where they feel they are the only ones going through it. This thought keeps them withdrawn. 

They feel no one would understand what they are going through. As such, they never speak or seek solutions anywhere. I have been in this shoe.

If I had seen someone share a related experience, I could have sought help. Probably from the story or the person.

You sharing your stories is giving someone the thought that they aren’t alone. And there are ways of dealing with it and making the best decisions.

Share your stories

Few things to note

  • We appreciate you taking the time to reach out to drop your stories. It helps
  • Please, bring in only true life stories peculiar to you, don’t copy from any anywhere-blog, social platforms, etc
  • Let us know how you scale through

You can reach out to us via our email or via mobile/WhatsApp +234703-931-9916

Thank you!