The Game Changer: Your Place In People’s Lives

A broken girl feeling hurt
Do you know your place in people's lives?

While I was staying at his place, I missed my period, I didn’t see it when it was due. I became worried and called his attention, but I got the shock of my life. He acted like I was lying, he behaved like we didn’t have sex. He sounded like I slept with myself. I felt hurt, I felt bad, I thought he loved me. Even if he doesn’t want a baby then, was that the best way to reply to me in that state? This is the reason you must define your place in people’s lives.

The Game Changer: Your Place In People’s Lives.

A broken girl feeling hurt

I told him I was leaving the next day to my place, and without hesitation, he obliged to take me home the next morning. The minute I got home the next morning, my period came, this is something I just don’t understand. How? Got home and this happened immediately?

Soliloquizing, so if I was pregnant, this is how he would behave? I was upset with him for not giving me an audience, he didn’t call throughout that week and I didn’t call him either because I was on pills and always sleeping.

I asked myself, did I overreact? Maybe I did. Just maybe if I had been calm, he wouldn’t have said those words he said to me, letting  go of the anger, decided to call him. Called several times, the phone would ring and then go off. 

Tried To Work It Out

I went over to his place to talk things out with him. I wanted to be sure of who I was in his life. What are we? Are we not in any relationship? You don’t love me anymore? I kept asking,  waiting for answers.  How can you stay for four days without calling the one you say you love and you’re comfortable with it?  I asked. It wasn’t noticeable, he replied.

In his words, I just want you as a friend with no strings attached. In that depressed state, I asked, how can you fall out of love with me within three months?  What did I do wrong, why? Does an ordinary friend stay in a man’s house for one month? The questions were just popping up. My heart hurt. I loved this guy for real. He was just playing all along? Rhetorical questions I asked.

It felt like I couldn’t breathe anymore, I couldn’t live without him, I was pained. I hurt and cried. It ended in tears. Didn’t know why this was taking its toll on me. I have been with people, I have been in love, but this one was different. I felt I couldn’t just live without him.

How I Handled it

Though it ended in tears, I was sure I couldn’t continue living in that pain. I allowed myself to heal with time and moved on. I requested a transfer from my place of work so I could just leave that town because it seems I was getting choked and couldn’t breathe there.

My Advice

The reason you must define your place in people’s lives is to avoid being hurt

If I had known he didn’t see anything serious with me, I might have played my cards with caution and not allow someone to hurt me like that. So know your place in people’s lives. Do they see you the way you see them? 


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