WHO ARE YOU TO THEM? Defining Your Place In People’s Lives

To portray positions in relationships and in people's lives.
Your Place in Relationships
Your place in people's lives and relationship
Your Place in people’s lives

Knowing your place in relationships and people’s lives in general is vital. It guides you on how to relate with them peacefully. This article portrays some reasons why.

Is there something between us? I don’t get it. What are we? I asked with a clenched voice.

The Meeting

I met Philip a few months ago, and just like in the movies and a norm between guys and ladies, he asked for my number. The plan was to give him my number and just move on, at least I won’t get stuck with him for long before he allows me to leave.

The Sweet Me

For me, I can be kind and nice to a guy and give my contact, but when you call, I might not grant you an audience or show interest in you. But with Philip, it was different, at least it felt different.

The Conversations

A few days later, he called me and we started talking on the phone. His chat was the insultive type and his choice of words was often derogatory – Just the type of people I stay away from.

All through the chat, he kept using some words that I didn’t like, and what I do in such cases is give it back; I don’t allow people the freedom of using certain words on me, especially if it’s a joke to you, but guess what? I was strangely calm throughout.

Instead of returning the gesture, I sent him a message stating that I was not comfortable with him using those words while talking with me. We got over that issue and moved on. I told him everything about myself, I just couldn’t place it, but I was just cool with him.

I Felt Peace

Somehow, I always felt this peace whenever we talked or chat. I got so comfortable with him, suddenly liking this stranger from nowhere, I became so fond of him that I was losing it. Oh my! Just couldn’t explain it. This isn’t normal, I said.

He is a good man, not much of a talker though with some bad attitude. I thought to myself, this is who he is, so I accepted him that way.

The Rules

I told him I would want a no-sex relationship, but it didn’t go well with him. He said he does not do a “no sex relationship” that’s because a guy I turned down, unknowingly to me was Philip’s friend, told Philip that I am a gold digger, but that’s not why I am writing this.

The Visit

There was this long public holiday, can’t remember the exact thing that was being celebrated. I visited him and stayed at his place from Friday till Tuesday.

We had fun, we laughed, played and finally made love. I felt happy with him that I moved in with him and stayed at his place for a month just so I could see him every day.

We went to work together and went home together since we work in the same town.

The only time I didn’t go with him was when he had to leave home very early. I would be left with no option other than to go to work in public vehicles.

I don’t know, I just got stuck with him, all I wanted was to be with him, be around him, see him.

He was just all over my head and I wondered why, I don’t know why that feeling was there but I guess it’s because of the way he talks. I didn’t know how I got caught up in all these.

I would look forward to my closing hours at work so I could be with him. We were just fine.

The very first day I visited him, I was tempted to kiss him, that was bad of me, right? Lol. Being with him just makes me happy, I was just there; things were going on smoothly for us.

Our First Fight And My Place In Relationships With Him

Our first fight was when he acquired a new property and became broke after paying for it but started acting weird with some annoying attitude. I figured that I needed to be there for him and understand what he was going through.

I told him to let people in sometimes and not just bottle up his emotions always.
We sort of moved on and everything became normal again. Then………….

To know why you must know your place in relationships and people’s lives, continue reading here

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