What You Probably Don’t Know About Rape

We’ve heard about rape, yes we have!
There have been quite alarming cases of rape, which in most cases, have left the victim’s life paralyzed in some ways.
Hatred brought to the victim’s heart is quite unexplainable. Should we also talk about the fear-induced? Or the judgment society passes?

Rape is mostly common among the female gender, at least that’s the one society hears all the time, so it’s well known.
Fathers raping their child/children, relations doing same, neighbours also doing the same,  I mean the list of these sex predators are inexhaustible.

See what Genevieve said

Genevieve Nnaji made a statement in one of her social media handles that read, “we constantly live in fear of men.”  Some people didn’t go well with it, especially men. Stating that she referred to all men as a rapist, and it’s not true.

But what Genevieve meant was, we live in fear of men because you can’t identity a rapist by mere looking at them. So ladies, for fear of being a victim, see all men as rapists.

It’s better to be prepared always when in the presence of any man. If the victims of rape know a person is capable of raping them, do you think she will ever fall victim?

The answer is no because she will try to stay far away from the rapist. And if the case is that she can’t stay far, she will be cautious.

I think that was the point Genevieve was trying to portray when she made that statement. Ladies live in fear because they don’t know who is who.

But even after knowing so much about rape and the impact it has on society, there are facts about rape that so many persons still don’t know. Let’s hear this shocking made about rape. You might want to read till the end.

about rape


Back in school, I was part of a student fellowship, where I occupied the post of a vice president. Because of my position, we often move from school to other schools for meetings and other fellowship activities.

On this particular day, we had our meetings but couldn’t go back to school because we closed late. I decided to sleep in the church as I had nowhere else in mind. Here, there was these set of sisters who told me I couldn’t sleep in the church because it’s not allowed.

Got thinking

I was contemplating on what to do since it’s too late to go back to school.  They however suggested I sleep at their place since we were all brethren in God’s family. I followed them; they gave me this assurance that I had nothing to worry about. We all believed in the same faith and thanked God for bringing me, not knowing there was more.

While one of them was cooking, the other two were chatting with me. After she had finished cooking, we ate and went inside their apartment. At this time, It was already 9 pm.

Cooling off

I sat down on a chair, just observing the room, waiting to doze off as I was already tired. Before I knew it, they closed the door, I thought they too were ready to go to bed. But I got the shock of my life.

The three(3) of them started seducing me, using their hands to caress my whole body. I quickly understood what they wanted. I told them I am not that type of person they thought I was. I begged them to stop whatever they were trying to do.

Still, they refused, stating that whether I like it or not, they will have me. And if I dare shout or talk about it to anyone, they will tell people I want to rape the owners of the room. I pleaded with them that I had money to give to them so they would just leave me alone, but my plea fell on deaf ears.

They laughed, told me that they don’t need my money but needed me. I begged and begged them crying like a baby; instead, one of them started calling the attention of people.

The very situation

Oh, my God! What will I do?  I was far from the people know, and I was at the point of death. what should I do?

If these ladies screams, people will come in and pounce on me.  If I call others, the ladies will turn the issue around, and at the end, I will be the culprit while they the victims.

Thinking through, if these people pounce on me and I don’t survive, they will label me with a bad name while I’m gone, making it look like I was never a child of God but pretending instead.

Those were the thoughts running through my mind, and when I finally ran out of ideas, I had to give in and allowed them to have their way with me to save my name and God’s name.

The nightmare

After that nightmare, yes! That what I called it. I told my friends, both male, and female, but guess what, they all laughed at me.  No one believed me till now.

Because of the way my friends reacted, I didn’t bother telling others. I still live in fear and in that shock. I do tell my dad I will not get married, but he doesn’t know the reason.

The pain inflicted through that act was so terrible that I started seeing my five(5) sisters and every lady as rapists. For long, I was angry and bitter towards them. But then, being bitter wasn’t going to help me or proffer solution to my dilemma, but I know that someday I will heal completely.


(Shocking Revelation About Rape)

From my story, you can tell I didn’t have any option left, or probably I ran out of ideas.

I had to save my life and God’s name by succumbing to their illicit act. I wished I had something I could have done that would have saved my head and the name of the God I serve.

But one thing I know is, everything happens for a reason. I decided to share this because the world probably doesn’t know such things happens or they know but don’t give it attention.


You may have experienced what I went through and not knowing what to do than to succumb. All I can say is, ‘dust yourself and embrace life again.
Don’t let your experience take the better part of you just like it did to me with my sisters and others.
For those who have never encountered it, I call you ‘Lucky’. watch out; anyone is a prospective rapist (whether male or female), be sure to guard yourself jealously.


Just as mothers try to protect their girl child from sex predators, they should also protect the boy child.

You may think that only the female child is abused sexually, but if you look carefully and take statistics, you will find out that many male children are also abused sexually.

Look after the two genders. They can be victims of sexual assault. If a grown-up like me could be raped, tell me why you think that little boy child can’t be abused sexually.

This is the issue

Most men don’t have anybody to hear them out because they are men, and society believes men can’t be raped. This is sad.

People concentrate on the girl child and put the boy child aside. But the truth is everyone needs help. And what you probably don’t know about rape is, both genders can be victims of rape. Men are also raped. 

Now, let’s talk

1) What do you have to say about the boy child sexual assault?

2) Do you think the boy child isn’t given attention in most cases?

3) How can the issue of rape be curbed?
4) What do you have to say about this shocking revelation made about rape?

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