The Audio Giant – What’s the way forward?

Coronavirus seems to be a virus the world has been fighting to reduce its spread and eradicate. The numbers of persons affected by  COVID-19 vary from country to country. Still, it is noticeable that some countries have extensively fought against it more than others, hence its reduction in those countries. Another issue is, why is the virus still having a massive toll on some countries even when there are measures been followed by other countries to curb the spread of the virus? Because of the above-stated question, an exciting personality has made suggestions on how the deadly COVID-19 virus could be curb and eradicated from Nigeria following measures taken by other countries and not just assume the government is working when they are not doing it the right way.

The Audio Giant – by ADEBARE ABEGUNDE

Senegal has the highest recovery ratio of Coronavirus in Africa,3rd in the world, and has recorded just one death.
They found a way to invent efficient testing kits that costs just 1 dollar, thereby significantly increasing testing capacity, also created ventilators (cheap but efficient ); Senegal has not received as many donations as some Nations, neither is their economy more buoyant than most, they have never experienced an “oil boom,” but even great Nations of the world are in awe of how they have handled the dreaded Novel Coronavirus.

Senegal has self-isolated itself since March 20 from the World by suspending international flights, and there has been high compliance with preventive measures by citizens against the pandemic.
Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country with a population of 97 million people and shares a land border with China that is already making a full recovery from the Pandemic and has recorded no death, a record no Nation that has recorded confirmed cases of the pandemic holds. Since mid-February,

Vietnam embarked on rigorous testing. Research on the development of affordable test kits found that by March 5, Vietnam had validated three different test kits, each costing less than US$25 (£20) and producing results within 90 minutes. These are all being manufactured in Vietnam. Testing stations have been set up across cities, which all citizens can attend. Communities who live near confirmed cases – sometimes an entire street or village – are swiftly tested and locked down. Just like Senegal, Vietnam does not have a buoyant budget nor income generation; neither have they received overwhelming foreign and local monetary support more than most Nations of the world.

These two nations were able to put aside religious bigotry, tribal warfare, political sentiment, corrupt mindset, intentional ignorance, and are unanimously waging war against the common enemy, leaders, and followers alike.
This is something my fatherland has not been able to achieve and struggling even to come close. As a matter of fact, instead of uniting to fight the common enemy, we are busy playing blame games while the enemy keeps penetrating.

Over 600 deaths have been recorded in a particular state in two weeks, and no official statement to the cause of it has been made; the only report from the top echelon in the state is that the deaths are not COVID 19 related.

In another shocking development, Infested bags of rice were sent to a particular region of the Nation. Only one state spoke up; the others decided to play the loyalty card even at the expense of their citizens.

The Giant of Africa seems to be high on sleeping pills as things keep getting out of hand. As far as I am concerned, those still hailing, praising Nigeria, and chanting that Nigeria is the giant of Africa are either master in sarcasm, unaware of the realities, or choose to be hypocritical because Nigeria is best described as “the Audio Giant.”

Written by Adebare Abegunde.

From the article above, there were different measures taken by those countries that made them arrive at where they currently are; maybe Nigeria as a country could also adopt such a method, but have this in mind that what works for one may not work for others, every word is subjected to test and trials.

Being a giant is more than word of mouth; it requires action; the government and other Nigerians may try the measures taken by those countries; hopefully, it may work.

Now let’s talk 
1) What measures do you think should be taken in Nigeria to curb and eradicate the deadly Covid-19 virus?

2) Do you think the steps taken by the countries above could work in Nigeria if followed?

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