Mistakes Most People Make When In Doubt

Our mind is thought to be our greatest asset is in no doubt, cared for with utmost care. You choose what you believe in or doubt and make individual decisions peculiar to you. In this article, you will be exposed to some mistakes people make when in doubt through the story below. Please, read to the end and share your thought(s).

The COVID-19 virus, thought to have been caused by humans eating raw animals, is one of the deadliest illnesses I have seen. If there was someone that doubted it never existed at the beginning, then it was me. I have seen people putting things together and coming out with false claims in things as such but little did I know this was real.

For some reason, I couldn’t tell, my wife kept pressuring me to be extremely careful as this was real, but I was non-challant about it, claiming it doesn’t exist. 

When I heard some persons had contracted it in Lagos, I told my friends to send me a video of the persons affected by the disease which they couldn’t provide then, as such was left to my doubt.

My wife, who was more concerned about me, had asked that I take precautionary measures as advised by doctors, especially on television, but I was still adamant.
She on her own sat me down and started giving out the safety measures on how to avoid contracting the virus; she stated; always wash your hands, apply a hand sanitizer, avoid touching your face with your hands, avoid crowded places, avoid handshakes, avoid taking cold items and drink plenty of water.

After enlightening me of the preventive measures, she went further to talk about the symptoms to show one has contracted the virus; she started from cough, high temperature, and many others that I wasn’t even willing to listen to.

I burst into laughter the minute she finished talking; I told her she was only afraid, though the cases reported then was very few.

About two weeks later, when more cases where getting confirmed and the whole thing was getting worse, I fell ill.

That was when I started believing that the virus truly exists. Is it that I have contracted the virus?  I don’t even live close to the states of reported cases. 

Somehow my thought started playing tricks on me, probably because I was too stubborn to believe the virus even existed. 
I remembered calling my wife to the bedroom and imploring her to explain the symptoms she had explained earlier on; this time,  she was the one laughing at me, probably because she already knew that the symptoms I was having are not even related to that of the virus. She answered every of my question and asked that we go for a test. I remember her telling me, “Kenny, if you have the virus, you won’t even be talking like this; you should be struggling with your breath by now.
After I went for a test, it was confirmed I had malaria. Oh! How relieved I was.

The funny part was; I didn’t even show symptoms of the virus,  I was just afraid for doubting at first, so I felt I had carelessly contracted the virus for failing to yield to advise from friends and my wife.

I was treated with fever, and within few days, I was back on my feet again; and since then, I have been the one telling people about the realness of the virus and how they can avoid contracting it.

I have observed that when people are in doubt, they tend to care less just like I did, but this is what I did;
I stopped doubting and started following safety measures on how to avoid contracting the virus. 

Because even if the virus is not real, one still needs to be very careful. As the famous adage, “prevention is better than cure.”
I didn’t allow fear overshadow me; I went straight to the hospital and was treated of malaria.

1) Instead of doubting most time, just do your research to be sure of a situation. 

2) As regards the COVID-19 virus,  please always follow the precautionary measures given by the world health organization and other doctors; it will help keep you and others safe.

In general, be extremely careful in all you do to avoid giving yourself to worries unnecessarily. It might not be just because of the COVID-19 virus, but it could be anything in life.

Now let’s talk, 
If you were Mr. Kenny,  what will you do the minute you fell ill?


  1. Lol
    It all depends on the syptoms, if the syptoms are COVId 19 related, first is to self isolate, next is to call the help line NCDC numbers so they can collect sample for testing. This may be difficult decision to take but it is the right thing to do to safeguard one's self, the family and the society generally

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