That was when it dawned on me that I wasn’t attacked by evil people or been stressed out. It became clear that Victor had added something to my food hence that awful taste, but couldn’t picture what he had added to my food.

I wasn’t thinking too straight as I wanted to get home as soon as possible because I was already feeling more dizzy and weak. At this time,  I was already outside his house and his house is close to the road. I staggered to the road and stopped a bike rider,  I could remember the bike rider telling me he wasn’t going to my direction yet I was still climbing his bike until he tapped me again and repeated, he wasn’t going to my direction , that was when I knew how alcohol or drug works, you will be conscious of what you’re doing but will not know when you would do them.

I knew standing on a spot will be dangerous and make the drug work more on me,  I started running slowly hoping a bike would come by, as God will have it, a bike actually came by, I stopped the bike rider, told him were I was going, he told me the price(can’t remember)  climbed and sat on the bike. While we were going, I could remember resting my body on the rider, I know he would be wondering, I couldn’t say a word anymore as I was too weak now. He dropped me where I had described, gave him the money with me, don’t even remember if I collected my change. The minute he dropped  me, I used my last strength and ran into the compound I was staying with my friend and fell down, at this time, I was conscious but couldn’t move anymore. I was just crawling on the sand when I saw  someone  approaching me,  lo and behold, it was my friend , immediately she shouted my name and asked me what the problem was, all I did was to nod my head as I couldn’t say a word anymore. She carried me to the house and laid me on the bed, for some reasons not yet known, she became afraid and ran to call other people, I could hear them say, what is wrong with her? Is she drunk?  People that knew me very well responded, Gina does not take alcohol. I was like that for sometime till they used a towel soaked in cold water to damp my face and head.

Remember my course mate I had visited earlier on when I first left Victor’s place? My girlfriend called him to come over immediately and he came with another of my course mate which was also his friend. At this time I could talk softly. They asked where I was coming from which I responded. They asked if I ate something there, I said I ate only three spoons of rice and explained further that I ate three spoons because the food was tasting somehow. They shouted immediately, Victor had drugged you with Igbo (Cannabis).

They wanted to report Victor to the community vigilante but I refused, all I want is to get better. They angrily went to Victor’s house that night, but he denied putting cannabis in the food. My friends wanted to beat Victor real bad, but I refused, I told them to let him be and focus on me, how I will get out of that state, I was still feeling weak. They told me the drug is reacting and it will take sometime for me to be ok. They told me how lucky I was not to have slept, if not, sorry would have been my surname. They asked me to look at my eyes in the mirror, do you  what I saw?  I saw someone else, because I didn’t believe that was me as my eyes were as red as blood. I slept like that till the next morning and was feeling better though weak.

Victor came the next morning and still denied putting anything in the food he prepared but I knew he was lying. The question I asked was, if you didn’t drugged me, why did you refused seeing me off last night when I really needed you?  He responded “I was tired” so I allowed him be, he was scared already because he knows he might be rusticated from school and dealt with by the community if reported. I allowed everything slide, It took me more than a week to get myself again.

Few years after the incident, I stumbled on Victor, while chatting on line, I asked him what I did wrong that made him drug me. Do you know what he said?
He pointed to a friend /lodge mate of his claiming he was asked by him and to drug me . After I had left, they thought I was already sleeping helplessly in Victor’s room to carry out their plan but failed. They became very angry at Victor, even saying he would have held me down knowing I was weak and couldn’t have been able to do anything. They actually planned gang raping me. Guess Victor was pushing the blame to them so I won’t see him as a bad person which he is. Victor is married now, imagine what he wanted to put me through,  and now married to another lady.

I never suspected him to have drugged me,  but I just had this push in me to just go home and rest. I followed my instint and went outside Victor’s house immediately. If I had stayed one more minute, it probably would have been a sad tale.
As it stands, anyone can be a rapist. It could be your father, brother, family friends etc. So it will do you good to be extremely careful around any male, not all men are rapist, but you should remember it isn’t written in their fore head who is and who isn’t. You will do yourself alot of good by staying away from lonely paths or places. This might not be all you need to avoid rape, but it could help in some situations

Before you call people your friend, please ask yourself if they also see you as a true friend, and always know how your instinct works, it might save you from troubles. When you visit anyone, be careful what you eat or drink and if you feel weird after eating or drinking in a place, please stylishly walk out without anyone noticing something is wrong.

Now let’s talk, 
1) Do you think it was Gina’s fault she almost got raped?
2) What would you do to Victor if you were to be Gina?
3) How would you have handled the situation in general?


  1. Nope it's not, because they were friend but she shouldn't have decided to stay with him for the project defence..
    Since he didn't succeed i wish him luck and will he always disgust me
    I would have drugged him return and make him sleep outside to know how it feels to be drugged.

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