I dropped my luggage at his place and left immediately to visit a course mate who was still in school as I was too angry to even look at Victor, I thought within myself, maybe before I would come back, my anger would have subsided. I went to my course mate’s place and stayed there for sometime, gisted with him, then went to Victor’s place to get my luggage,  I was no longer angry but I couldn’t stay at his place anymore. I called a female friend of mine and told her I needed somewhere to stay till I finish my project defense, that was how I left Victor’s house.

My girlfriend was not even in her own apartment so she took me to the place she was squatting as God would have it, the owner of the apartment allowed me live with them.

After I had settled in with my friend, I called Victor and told him not to feel sad anymore stating that I had forgiven him.

The next day,  I went to school to collect my manuscript from my supervisor so I can type and make corrections. I decided I will type it myself but I will need a laptop which I don’t have.  I called Victor to tell him about my need, he said he has a laptop that I should bring my manuscript when visiting in the evening.
When I got there, he was so happy as he was smiling without end, he offered me drink but I told him I mind and he should nor bother himself, more over, he is also a student.

He then asked what I will eat, I told him not to stress himself that I am fine, but he was still insisting, he said he actually needed to prepare  a meal which he was yet to decide as anything I choose is what he will go for. I thought about it, if I keep insisting, he would think I am still angry so I told him I will prefer rice, immediately he went out to get the ingredients while I was already with the laptop preparing to type. I wasn’t understanding the laptop so I decided to wait for him to come back while I watch the movie playing already on his television .

When he finally came back, we discovered the laptop has a fault. I continued watching the movie while he went to cook as he insisted I shouldn’t help since I am his guest.
I watched the movie till the food was readily served, he asked me to eat. The first spoon I took didn’t go smoothly into my stomach as the food tasted awful. I drew his attention to it and asked why the food was tasting that way, he took from the rice and tasted as well and confirmed it was really tasting somehow but attributed  it to  one of the ingredients he used. He said he must have probably added excess curry while preparing the rice. I took another spoon and managed to swallow it, upon taking the third spoon, I told him I can’t continue eating because the food was tasting awful. He didn’t pressure me anymore, he took the left over and kept it.

I continued with the movie I was watching and at this time, it was already past 7pm and my intention was to leave by 8pm. About twenty (20) minutes later as I laid on his bed with my chin on his pillow well positioned enjoying the movie,  I felt this strong dizziness and immediately I jumped up, it was as if I was going blind, I felt the house turning upside down, I thought within myself, what could be happening to me? Has evil people located me?
Victor immediately started encouraging and pacifying  me that all I needed was rest and even positioned the pillow for me to rest my head. I wanted to rest my head but something pushed me to ask him what the time was, he said it was almost 8pm. I told him that I want to start going so I could just rest at home, for a second I actually thought the stress of the past  week is what is telling on me. I asked my friend I call brother to see me off, but I got the shock of my life. Victor immediately became angry, he said it’s late and as such will not see me off. What? Is this the same Victor that escorted me home so many times around 10pm after a program in church and would wait till I enter my room and lock my door before he leaves?  Is it the same Victor that is telling me he can’t see me off stating it’s  late?

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