How You Can Escape From Ritualists

Today on let’s talk, Mena will be narrating how she escaped been used for rituals.

In 2016 when I was pregnant with my first child, I had an appointment at the hospital to take my TT injection (injection given to pregnant women),  on that day I really don’t know but I was very reluctant to go out. I told my husband that I really didn’t felt like going out but some how he encouraged me making me understand that I was going there just to take an injection and in no time I would be out of the hospital and go back home. I listened to him, took my bath and went straight to the hospital. When I got there, as planned, it didn’t really took time as I was given the injection almost immediately I got there.

After taking the injection,  I came out from the hospital and took a tricycle and was going home.
I met a passenger sitting at the left end of the back seat and joined him (a young boy).
On our way, another passenger entered the tricycle, making us three(3) at the back seat with me at the middle. Not up to two (2) minutes, he was acting uncomfortable, I gave him this weird look but wasn’t really bothered, before I knew it, he raised his hands and placed it behind my shoulder, I wasn’t comfortable with it as I asked him to drop his hands but he refused stating that the tricycle was too tight. I was a bit upset but on a second thought,  I will be alighting very soon. Before I knew it, I had started feeling weak, like I wanted to faint, I can’t really explain it but I was very restless. I was just acting really weird, the other boy sitting at the left end at the back seat just shouted, “oga what did you do to this woman?,  she was alright until you placed your hands behind her. I had almost lost control, infact I couldn’t just explain how I felt. As the young boy was shouting, the other man who placed his hands behind me was saying “I didn’t do anything to her ” he kept saying this repeatedly.

The young boy was consistently shouting until he called the attention of the driver, he asked the driver if he was not seeing what was going on, he ordered the rider to stop else he will attract people and get him involved. When the driver heard this, he said that he doesn’t have anything to do with what was going on, then he immediately stopped the tricycle.

When the driver stopped the tricycle, the young  boy immediately got down and started shouting which attracted a huge crowd.  The young boy narrated all that had happened and immediately, the crowd pounced on the man. It was when he fell down we saw a charm hidden within his fingers , the actual reason he placed his hand behind me initially.

After much beating, he was asked why and what he intend achieving from it. He said ” She was not supposed to get that reaction, when I alight, she would have followed me immediately and everyone will think she is with me”, he further confessed that he had taken two women already and they have been used for rituals. I called my husband but he didn’t pick my call because he was in a church program. Some people in the crowd were the ones that helped me home while others were still pouncing on the man. They collected my number to further check on me. Do you know when all these were going I was conscious but not aware? It was later they narrated everything to me. Indeed my God is faithful.

If I say I did anything, I would be a liar. God himself saved me and used that young boy to expose that man

We all should be watchful, the days are evil.

Now let’s talk, 
1) Why do you think Mena Got that reaction?
2) Have you experience a similar situation?
3) If you were Mena, what would you have done after regaining yourself?

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