After he collected the things from him, I asked him why he did that but he was still giving some explanations that didn’t go well with me and trust me, I wasn’t that dumb and at that moment so many things were running through my mind, but I didn’t say much before he finally left for work.
When he got back the next morning, he prepared food for me to eat before I traveled back.

I remembered when I was traveling to visit him, he was always calling to know where I had gotten to till I finally got to his place. Now, when I was traveling back, I observed he didn’t bother to check like he used to, I was the one who was now calling him to tell him where my vehicle had driven up to. Something sent a signal to my brain immediately but I was still making excuses for him,  maybe he is tired because he had a night shift and so on. I finally got home at past 7 pm on Sunday cause I traveled on a Friday.

The minute I got home, I called him that I had arrived home, he was glad that I arrived safely.
Few minutes after I settled down, I chat him on WhatsApp and asked what he was doing, he said he was cleaning his kitchen. Then I allowed him be.
About an hour later, I chat him to know if he is through with what he was doing and as usual, have our normal conversation  but he responded ” I want to sleep”. Wow!!!!
Hmmmmm, that was the first time Moses ever told me that, even if he was tired, there is a way he coins his words, I just bidded him good night and allowed him be and of course, I made excuses for him again , maybe he was tired because of the cleaning he did.

The next morning (Monday), as usual I was expecting his sweet love/good morning messages but I didn’t see any, but he was busy chatting in the group , I was surprised and at the same time not as my fears were coming to play. I took my bath and went to work that day feeling really some how.
On Tuesday, I woke up waiting to see a message but I didn’t. And on Wednesday, I went to work and as usual , as I was about eating during break, I remembered I had always snapped my food and sent to him, then I snapped and sent and wrote; since you decided not to ask me what I ate, I decided to send you this, and this is what I am eating. He replied “well, you changed and that is why I decided to let you be”.
Immediately, I felt my hands shaking literally and lost appetite immediately. wait, is it the same Moses that was crazy over me? Barely three days after I came back and all this ? I said to my self.

After he told me that, I deleted the food I had snapped and sent to him, and asked him to assume I never sent it.
He replied ” it’s  fine”. Reality had set in and my fears had come to play .
Two things were playing in my head, he was acting like he was angry, the question is what have I done wrong barely three days after I had returned, we have had misunderstandings before and I never changed and suddenly after I visited I changed. Hmmmmm, if we had sex, I would say “he has seen it all”, now we didnt had sex, then why behaving this way?  Something struck and told me, he is angry because the game didn’t end as he planned. I scoffed, I could remember he asked we bath together which I told him I wasn’t comfortable with, then went further to ask we had sex and my reply was ” Moses, I love you so much to do it with you, but the only thing stopping me right now is the fact that I am a Christian and it’s wrong to do this when we ain’t married, I only came to visit at least to see who I am dating “.

In a nutshell , naturally as a human I would have fallen for his trick, but the only thing that held me back was the Holy spirit telling me, don’t, it’s wrong and I’m glad I listened. If there was something till date I was grateful for, is the fact I am a Christian.

We stopped communicating, I just felt bad because I had already loved him but then, I moved on.
About two weeks later, he called but I missed his call and  didn’t  bother to return his call. In the evening, he called back and asked why I didn’t call back but I told him not to bother, that ever since he stopped checking on me I have been fine so there is really no use to disturb himself. He said, if I have not called back,you will say I’m concluding without hearing from you”.
I was already heart broken but I told him not to bother or disturb himself. He said fine and that was it.

I know what will be running through the mind of my readers, this girl was fooled and used. I wasn’t entirely blank but I believed it can work which didn’t.
Barely two months after the whole saga, his wedding card came out, he didn’t even want the group to know because I was still in the group, it was someone he sent the invitation card to that posted it on the group out of excitement. Someone from the group that knew about the relationship broke the news to me cause as at then, I barely read messages or contribute to the group’s discussions.

When I heard of it, I felt like every human will feel but then, life goes on.
It was then it dawned on me why he refused me coming when I actually proposed to visit because he knew by then his wedding  would have been close and his fiancee would be around doing the preparations with him. Remember the errand boy?  He didn’t wanted him to see me because he knows his faincee and of course he acts like a perfect gentle man before people and even in the group. The truth be told, I actually thought he was one, hence I agreed to date him.
I don’t know why, but I was calm all through, I never insulted him or abused him like many would do out of pain. I have always left God to judge issues like this.
Life would always go on

Note this, there is nobody you cannot live without, watch out for signals cause they are always there. Painful to say, but I quietly allowed him be. Except you still see it working out, please don’t push it any further so as not to loose your senses. Get your attention to other things and move on, think positive and believe you are made to get the best. Never settle for the less.

People are desperate and can pretend to be anything to get what they want, be watchful.

Now Let’s talk, 
1) What could Anna have done when she saw the first signal?
2) Do you think Anna did something wrong?
3) What will you do if you were Anna?

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