We started dating but we have never met as at now, we lived in two different states. Moses showered me with so much love and attention that I started seeing everything as fake,  I said to myself, no man can ever be this loving and caring, I mean it’s just too much, but on the other hand I wanted love and attention, so what do I do?

Moses goes very early to work everyday  and guess what! he always sends me love /good morning messages at about 5 or past 5 a.m every blessed day,  so his messages where always the first message I read when I wake up every morning .

Everything was going on very fine but I was still disturbed knowing that there is still another lady though he kept saying it’s not working between them. I kept on encouraging myself to fight for what I truly want. I could remember when Moses called at 2 a.m one day just to settle a disagreement we had, he was that sorry I thought.

A time came when he asked to see me knowing that I live far from him.  I asked him to give me time to put myself together so I can plan my traveling properly but he asked that I come immediately.
What?  My hair was rough plus I had some things to tidy at my place of work and other activities outside work that needs my attention.

He kept on pressurizing me to visit,  I gave him a specific time I could come yet he didn’t allow me be, he said he misses me too much and just wanted to see me.
There was a particular Friday he called me to come the next day, I told him I can’t come but I told him I will make it up to him by traveling the next weekend which he obliged. He kept in touch to make sure I come around ranging from making enquiries on the amount I will need for my fare and the transport company I will take. I did everything and planned my traveling for the following week.

After work the next weekend( I made sure I left about 30 minutes before the actual closing time),  I went straight to the park, paid for my ticket and boarded a bus. It was a very stressful journey but at last I got there very late at night at about 10:28 pm.
I finally got to his place,  settled down and we talked at length. Moses was just over me, truly speaking I was just surprised, is it that he had really missed me or he is up to something else? I asked myself. I ate, joked with him, watch TV and slept.

The next day, I went to visit a friend of mine that lives around that axis aswell. I came back at about 4pm and went back to Moses. I had a good time with him until he decided to leave for work. Oh!  my God! this is not happening, how do I sleep in this house all by myself ? He left for work and I was home alone but something happened before he left.

I told him I needed to eat noodles so he sent an errand boy he had to get tomatoes and fresh pepper for me, he asked me to hide when the errand boy comes back, hide? why?  He said I wasn’t wearing something very decent, I looked at myself, I was wearing a simple top and a short and I know of some girls who would comfortably wear such and go out with it. He went to the bathroom to take his bath, when he was almost through bathing, the errand boy knocked at the door and as I  was approaching the door to ooen for him, guess what!  Moses rushed out from the bathroom and immediately went to open the door for him, he didn’t allow the errand boy enter the house plus the fact that he almost pushed me to the ground.

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