Fast forward to April 2017, I had visited him to help him conclude the last part of his project cus he had been on a part time program though that project work had taken me to his place several times as I was the one who helped him write his project. During one of the visit, we had a conversation about family and how they visit. Naturally I had hated staying with crowd as my dad had always brought too many persons to live with us since I was little. We have never lived as a family having a mom , dad and children. If his relations doesn’t come , his friend’s friend would come and I just hated that fact and promised I won’t tolerate that in my home. I told him I will like to build our home with ourselves and wouldn’t want anyone to live with us and even if you’re to visit, courtsey demands you call before coming , I  actually stated my reasons which he obliged.

Few weeks after I visited him in April, he stumbled on an old female friend of his who told him about a company that recruits people for jobs. He got me connected to this lady and the lady connected me to the company. I immediately called the person in charge of of recruitment, I spoke to him on phone and he requested I should come over the next day (which was Friday ) or on Monday but I choosen on Monday cause of my health condition as I was on drugs and the drugs were really reacting after I take them and I needed to take them so I can recover fully. When I told Daniel about the offer, he asked me to call back the company and tell them I would come on Friday, I said I can’t go stating that I was not too in a good shape and wouldn’t want to go there looking sick and believed that before that Monday, I would have recovered fully but Daniel was insisting I go. I said ”  Daniel, I know how much you truly want me to get a job, but my health should come first. Daniel gave me another shock of my life, he immediately became angry and said I should do whatever pleases me, I was just pained that him of all people don’t even understand the wife he wants marry.

He refused talking to me. I thought about it during the weekend end that I fail to prepare myself for anything that might come up when I go there on Monday.

On Monday morning, I travelled to Benin in search of the agency, which I finally located,they actually requested that I submit my curriculum vitae so I had the mindset of, I was only going to submit my CV.

When I got there , I met others who also needed a job, when the secretary saw my result, he was pleased and one after the other , we went to see the real boss, when it was my turn, I was asked some questions, I got some right and some wrong, then I realized that I was actually on an interview  and I failed it probably because my heart was not settled. Simple question that I naturally would answer well became a mountain for me as I was saying something different from what I was asked. I felt so embarrassed , they said they would get back to me which I knew would never happen as I failed wholefully.

The minute I got to the park to return home, I called him and told him that I and gone to the firm , was given an interview and I failed. He was still angry that I disobeyed him without him wanting to understand why I didn’t go on Friday. We continued like that for day and there was now a distance between us, he called one day , we talked about the issue and we made up again but it didn’t end there.

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