HEALTH 2 – How I overcame a trauma

When I got home that night, oh God! I cried my eyes out , I cried and cried , came out from my room and joined my lodge mate watching a movie, I watched till about 3 a.m because I knew going into my room means crying till I fall asleep. Only God knows how much I loved Nelson. I kept asking myself , why did he do that to me? He had made me fall deeply in love with him, why? How can he be dating myself and another course mate ? Same department? I can’t really explain the feeling but I was deeply hurt.

I got to school the next day feeling and looking sick, I had caught a fever over night. Infact in the middle of a lecture, I ran outside cus I felt like throwing up, he having a guilty conscience followed to see what the problem was, I immediately removed his hands from my shoulder and warned him never to touch me. I called another course mate of mine who own a bike, he was the one that took me home on his bike.

Later that day after class, Nelson came to my place to settle things with me, he said he loved me and wouldn’t want to loose me, then I asked what he was still doing with her. He replied and said he loves me and that was all that mattered . I fell for him again, and this time decided to keep the relationship hidden from people the more and before I knew it, we were cool together again though I was worried about the other girl.
We kept on like that for months until the other girl found out about us, I got to know she saw my conversation with Nelson and became upset. Guess she felt I was dating her boyfriend, maybe call me a boy friend snatcher, but what she never knew till date was, just like she got to know I was dating Nelson, that was how I also got to know she was dating Nelson.

Who then is the boyfriend snatcher?

Funny part was, I still couldn’t leave him as I was too deep in love with him and time went bye just like that. One day, a friend of mine from same department called me and asked if I was dating Nelson, I smiled and looked at her, she said I should tell her the truth which I did. She told me about a dream she had seeing me crying outside a particular room and when she got inside she saw the other lady and Nelson inside the room, she immediately told me to leave Nelson stating I was just his side chick and that Nelson’s main girlfriend is the other lady (that was the interpretation she gave to the dream she had) but I felt she just said that to scare me, and guess what,  everyone in my department knew Nelson has been going out with the other lady except me. I continued with Nelson until we wrote our final exams.

After the exam, I defended my project then travelled with a friend to Benin for an occasion. While I was there, I kept pondering over everything that has happened in the relationship, I was asking myself if the relationship was healthy to continue with, knowing my boyfriend is dating another girl. I decided to let everything end in school, at least both of them will continue peacefully. When I went back to school, I went to visit him in his house and told him to forget about me and concentrate on the other girl , I told him I will be traveling back home the following week and that will be it. He became sad,  I wanted to take my leave but he asked that I wait so we could walk together as he was also traveling that moment.

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