Right Questions To Ask Before Moving Into A New Apartment

After the case was dismissed from the police station at the local government we reside in, my sister did her introduction (indoor).

We knew what was already on the ground, so we made preparations to do it in our living room. We took the food to another compound to cook.

The night before the introduction, he and his wife came out a few minutes before midnight to smash eggs on the ground, pour libations, and did some incantations; I forgot to add that since he buried that thing at our back yard, my family started a midnight prayer which we do it every day, and not long after his incantations, it hit midnight. Of course, we began our prayers.

The next morning, madam landlady became restless, she cut all the ropes used for hanging clothes, destroyed the tap at the back(thinking we were going to prepare the introduction meal in the compound), and immediately arranged chairs and canopies she had rented, claiming she wants to do a survival party for her husband.

She went to the market, bought some food items, and invited people who helped her cook the food. While they were helping her cook the food, she went to people’s homes and started asking them one after the other to attend her party. 

My sister’s fiance and his family came, and the introduction ceremony began inside our apartment; while the introduction was going on inside, the landlady took a basin and started hitting it hard in a bid to disturb the ceremony, she hired a DJ just to disrupt the ceremony, she went upstairs and started pounding an empty mortal, she came out. She started shouting that my sister would never give birth. There was nothing she didn’t do to disturb the ceremony.

After we finished the ceremony, I, my brothers, and their friends with my sister came out and started dancing to the music been played by the DJ happily.  When she and her husband discovered that they failed in disturbing us; instead, they spiced up the whole process, they became agitated. The minute she saw my in-laws be entering their vehicle to go home,  she came out, told my inlaws to be that they should not allow their son to marry my sister, claiming my sister does not have a womb. That was when I knew she was a sad woman. I had seen things like this in movies but never knew I had one who can do such an evil act in the same compound I lived.

The following Monday (because the introduction was done on a Saturday ), the landlord, of course, supported by his wife, went to zone 5 in Benin to report the case again, and so it was reopened. The person in charge after critical investigation told him that he had no right to bury anything at a tenant’s kitchen, stating health-wise, it isn’t proper to plant something so close to someone’s kitchen. She added that, if they wanted to do such, they should do it in a compound where they live alone. After everything, my dad paid another money for bail and was set free again.

The landlady and landlord became angrier, there was nothing they didn’t do to frustrate us, but my God was above them. Did I forget to mention that, about 15 days to when we were to vacate the premises, he brought a plumber and cut all the pipes connected to our apartment, which was supposed to give us water?

God was 100% on our side. I remembered him going out to tell people that my dad was a poor man and can never afford to rent another apartment. He added that on the last day of our stay, which he believed we would still be in his compound, he would throw us out. As God will have it,  we moved out of the house a day before the expiration of the quit notice. You needed to see the shame and bitterness in their eyes. He said it’s not over,  that my dad must come back to give him the key to the apartment properly and check for things we had damaged. My dad later went back and sorted everything out with him, and guess what, from 2018 till now, that apartment has been vacant.

I won’t forget to mention this; my sister, who that lady claims does not have a womb and would never give birth, is now happily married and gave birth about 11 months after her wedding.

One thing I know that has always worked for me is “prayer.” We prayed to God to fight the battle for us and also applied wisdom, which also came from God.


Things You Must Do Before Moving Into A New Apartment.

Before you even pay, please pray if you’re a Christian and make sure you can afford that apartment.

Questions You Must Ask Before Moving Into A New Apartment 

Before you move into any compound, ask these questions;
1) Who are the house owners?
2) How is their relationship with their tenants?
3) Why did the previous occupant of that apartment leave?
4) Does the house owners believe in the same faith as you? (An Idol worshipper and a man of prayer are likely to never agree with each other)
5)Do the house owners give rules you feel it will difficult for you to keep? If it will, then don’t move in.
We didn’t do our research very well; if not, we would have known that man was a demon. We later learned that the previous occupant of that apartment was a Pastor; the landlord hated prayer and anything that relates to the church of God; that was how he also treated the man till he parked out.

Now let’s talk,
What will you do if you ever find yourself in such a situation?


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