Ways You Can Care For An Insane Person

There are certain situations one may find one’s self. These situations might be overwhelming, leaving you clueless as to what to do. But having an insane person is one heck of a job, especially when the person has no history of insanity. The story below narrates how you may care for an insane person.

A cousin of mine called Philip; after secondary school, he wrote his Jamb and gained admission into one of the higher institutions in Nigeria. 
While studying there, he met this girl called Sandra. She was the girl of his dreams; Sandra was an epitome of beauty. 

To mention, Philip had two brothers but later lost one in a fire accident, which had a tremendous toll on Philip and took him time to bounce back to his true self as his loss was a shock to him.  
Philip, during one of the holidays, came home with his girlfriend. During the holidays, Philip’s girlfriend (Sandra) fell ill, I mean seriously sick. She was taken to the hospital, and immediately, the doctor requested a blood transfusion. Before then, a series of tests were carried out on the brothers to ascertain which blood group matches the girl’s own, and luckily, Philip’s blood matched with the girl’s own. 
Philip’s elder brother, probably out of fear, insisted that he cannot allow his younger brother(Philip)  to donate blood to his girlfriend (Sandra). Some people suggested that they should buy blood from a blood bank while some suggested that the boy should contribute to his girlfriend.
Later on, Philip decided to donate blood to his girlfriend, he was asked to drink milk and malt, but he refused to consume those things prescribed for him.  
The nurses tried convincing him to drink, but he declined still, and finally,  he was taken inside to extract blood from him for his girlfriend.
The nurse extracted too much blood from him (so I heard) that he started behaving abnormally. When the nurses noticed his attitude, they placed him on a bed in the hospital and started attending to his girlfriend.

Afterward, the girl became whole again. The minute the girl found out his boyfriend had a mental problem, she immediately ran away and was never seen again.

Now this young man was still there, though the hospital tried their best, the boy never got back his sanity again.
Shocking to say,  his ailment is seasonal, but it doesn’t change the fact that he is now mentally deranged. This boy happens to be my cousin, and to date, he is still like that; he couldn’t continue his studies anymore. I mean, which regular school would want to accept a person with a mental disorder? Just like yesterday,  Philip is still battling with it. But the question I kept asking myself was, “what happened to Philip”? He never had a history of insanity. Could it be the blood extracted from him was too much? 

We thought with time,  things will fall back to place, but till now,  nothing happened.  He had automatically become a liability to us, and pray that a miracle happens someday. We do the best we know we can do for him as family.
We care for Philip by doing the following
1) Making sure he takes his drugs as prescribed by his doctor.
2) Give him the right diet.
3) Keep a close watch at him (since his ailment is seasonal).
4) Taking him to the hospital for medical check ups from time to time.

Children should be cautious; I don’t know the girl’s family background or where she even came from; my cousin brought a stranger home and see where he is now. I don’t know if it was the blood extraction that caused his ailment or something else. I still don’t understand why he refused to take what the nurses asked him to take, but one thing I know is, we all should always follow instructions.

Now let’s talk 
1) What do you think could be the cause of Philip’s ailment?

2) Do you think Sandra has hands in it?

3) Could it be a coincidence?

4) Why do you think she ran away the minute she found about his condition?

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