There were many things that my mom could have fought for (my father’s wealth) in the family , but she didn’t, all she had in mind was, I have four (4) daughters, they will get married to good husbands and take good care of me, she just removed her eyes from her husband’s properties because there were so many eyes on the properties and by God’s grace we overcame them,  I just don’t want to go deep into what that woman have done but let me share this.
There was a time my dad had fleet of cars (about 10 – 15 cars), he bought for my mom and my step mom,  my dad had two Hilux and there is this particular Hilux we use when ever we are going to the market then we use to live in City A.

When my mum was relocating to city B, she went with the car and her driver because she got a job in another city close to city B. My step mum became angry at the fact that my mum was going with that Hilux even when she had collected  two other cars coupled with the ones my dad bought for her, even though she had moved to my father’s house in the main heart of city A and make sure that the security man does not allow any of my dad’s children to eneter the compound except her children. When any of us goes to the house, the security man will always say nobody is allowed into the compound except my dad’s children and her children were the only persons the security man knows as my dad’s children.

I don’t know how she and her son planned it,  they came one day that they want to use the car (same Hilux my mum took) to do a job in the  same city my mum was and of course, my mum obliged as a peaceful person she is and gave him the car, “moreover, its your father’s car”, she said.

He said he was going to use the car for two days, my mum said two days was fine. Two days turned one week, then two weeks and she needed to use this car to move her things to the city near city B. My mom told me about it and I even called and pleaded with him to return the car, he told me he will return the car to my mom which he never did. After two months, we heard that the car was stolen at gun point which we all knew was a lie, he actually wanted my mom not to use the car, so he sold it.

I can’t even begin to count the things she did to my eldest brothers  (I mean the children whose mother was no longer in the marriage.

And I forgot to add that, on the day of my introduction, I mean during my introduction, my mum suddenly developed stroke, infact she went paralyzed. She couldn’t stand up from where she was sitting. My sisters and I were the ones that later took her to the room, It was my younger sister that carried her to the bathroom, we slept with her in her room and prayed with her and by God’s mercy, she regained herself the next day.

My mum has always been a stong woman, the fact that she married into that family is enough to make her strong. She taught to always follow the right path and always put God first in everything we do. God gave us the wisdom to live with that demonic step mum and at the end,  all our lines were falling in pleasant places.

What ever you do, and believe in, hold on to it. Don’t get it twisted, calling yourself a Christian and living a Christian life are two (2) different things.  I had always hold on to my God and He has never failed me.

Now let’s talk
What would you do if you find yourself in Blessing’s situation?

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