WE SHOULD STOP BEING – How I escaped drowning

Today on let’s talk, Regina will be sharing her encounter in a sea

I wasn’t in the red Sea per say, but if you know salty river water, you would know were the water is linked to.

Just on Monday here (3rd Feb 2020), I travelled to one of the river rine areas in Delta State , we ( I and my team) were supposed to come back by the weekend, somehow  what took us there was not achievable and didn’t go as planned so we set to return back home the next day (which was on Tuesday).

We got to the station, paid for our tickets, waited for almost 1 hour 30 minutes before we were called upon to enter a boat, the minute I saw the boat , I told my colleagues  that I wasn’t comfortable in this boat, that the boat looked somehow but I couldn’t  really place it, they looked at me and smiled , they said maybe it’s because I was afraid of water, I told them I came through this same water on a boat and I was relaxed, then there should be something prompting me to feel this way.

Finally, everyone was sitted and the boat was about to be started, first it was fuel, they sent someone to buy fuel and was poured into the fuel tank of the boat. Then the engine was started, the engine was taking time time to start, it finally picked, but the sound was not sounding well, the  boat’s engine was not good , we told the driver to transfer us to another boat, he said nothing is wrong, I and couple of others said , this thing might stop in the middle of the sea, but the driver was still insisting that it was ok.

we haven’t even gone 1 meter when it stopped. Driver, please  go back( we echoed), he pretended as if he was going back, before I knew it, he reversed and we were already on a journey. Funny part was, no one said anything except one lady. From the onset, mare seeing the boat I wasn’t comfortable with it.

People were even saying the lady was talking too much, no one was listening to her. I could tell you, my heart knew no peace  because I knew we were sitting on  keg of gun powder which might explode anytime, the only thing I was doing was asking for mercy from God in my heart, because that boat? Anything can actually happen , my mind was  telling me that this boat will stop eventually because the more  we progressed,the sound of the engine was changing.

Finally, the boat stopped in the middle of the Sea (oh no!!? there is little wave, I don’t know how to swim) .
The engine refused to start again,  as God would have it , another boat was passing, we pleaded and the driver managed to carry us ( not for free) it was this boat that was passing that helped us get to our destination, me that don’t know how to even swim in children’s swimming pool😂😂🙆

Just imagine if that boat had stopped in a place with heavy tide, at the end they will tag it as an accident or an emergency,  infact the drivers were saying it was an emergency that was not planned for. Was that really an accident, emergency  or a deliberate act?

The drivers were even claiming right, the one that struck me were the words coming out from the mouth of the passengers, they just seem like been careless is now a normal thing in Nigeria.

I can stand and tell you that if we humans can be a bit careful, so many lives would have been saved. Nigerians take things for granted, just play with people’s lives.

Funny part is , no one would say anything about it until it happens and when you talk, they will be like,  you’re making noise or talking  too much. You think some of those plane crashes that happens are accident?
They won’t tell you the truth, but if you check very well, you will find out that something was not right with some of those planes, but they would want to manage it.

At a point I was talking about it (after we were transfered) but it seem I was bluffing, I had to keep shut, I felt bad with the way Nigerians see things going wrong and just accept it the way it is.

The only thing I could do was pray and asked God for Mercy in my heart because I know there was nothing I could do in the middle of the sea

Humans should be careful, it would save lot of lives, we should stop blaming God for bad things that happens and try to amend our ways and be more careful.

Now let’s talk
1) Do you agree with Regina that some   Nigerians takes things for granted?
2) Was it really an emergency according to the drivers?
3) If you were in Regina’s shoes what will you do?

4) Do you agree that much accident could really be avoided if we are more careful? 

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