Immediately the driver got inside, he started driving the car but he didn’t return to the main road, he was on the side walk driving slowly. He asked the passenger  (would call him Abel) that just joined us where he was going to, the passenger told the driver he was going to Ile Ife, the driver asked the passenger if he was a resident there, he replied “no” he said he was just going there to visit someone, the driver asked the passenger again, who are you going to visit?

At this point, I was concerned. I was thinking within me, why would a driver wants to know everything about his passenger?

To my surprise, the passenger replied, he said he was going to see his sister. The driver further asked the passenger what he had in his bag. The passenger said it’s just a few cloth that he was going to use for some some days. The driver asked up to three times but the passenger insisted it was just clothes.

The driver became really angry because it was showing on his face. The driver angrily parked the car, went to the booth, removed the bag and asked the guy to drop( said Abel was lying). The driver bounced the booth and came back inside and was ready to drive off, we were all surprised, so we asked what the problem was and he (the driver) said the guy was actually lieing to him, stating that he had been in such situation where people will lie to him and put him in trouble. So we asked what the problem was actually. He (the driver) said that this guy (Abel) had money in his bag and that the money is in foreign currency.

The passenger at the front seat of the car said the driver is not suppose to let the guy(Abel) go, stating that he could be a criminal, so he suggested that the driver call back Abel, the other passengers at the back seat said yes,  it is a good idea. I was just neutral the whole time as I didn’t get involved in their conversation( I really don’t like getting involved in people’s business).

The driver stopped the car and asked Abel to come over, placed his bag in the booth again and started driving while interrogating Abel. ” Why do you have so much money in your bag? Abel answered and said he was a business man. The diver asked, why did you lied?  Abel said he was sorry that he had to lie. They started threatening Abel, they told him that they would drive him to a police station, because carrying such money means he is a criminal, Abel agreed that he is a thief but he can narrate what happened. Abel started narrating what happened and why he is with such money while we continued our journey.

He said he was with a biriti change guy – an Alhaji from Kanu, he said the Alhaji had other boys.  He further stated that himself, the Alhaji and two other boys went to Lagos, and were traveling from Lagos back  to the North  when they had an accident and the Alhaji died, but before then, they had a misunderstanding with the Alhaji, he stated that the Alhaji was owing them money and wasn’t going to pay.

The other two boys came with an idea that they should share the money so each of them would go their separate ways. He said the money was all in foreign currency and that the other two boys took the bigger part of the money and gave him little, and that’s what he has in his bag and also left with the car.

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