He said, I am a Christian also, I attend MR C church (church name withheld), I don’t visit herbalist but let’s just do this, I replied ” I am sorry, I can’t do this but if you want to go ahead, that will be your business Cus I’m no longer interested, he still wasn’t going to stop

We were moving very close to some guys in the street, and I can’t let him drive past them as they were my only chance of getting away from them. I tapped the driver on his shoulder from behind vigorously inorder for people to observe because the car doors were already locked using the central lock, he was forced to park the car in order not to draw the attention of people  to himself.
When he parked the car.  I only had my wallet on me, no bag, no nothing, so it was easy for me to just drop off. I dropped down from the vehicle and started moving as fast as I could in the opposite direction. These guys didn’t wait a second, they drove off immediately.
Remember I said something about losing track of time, now it dawned on me that I really lost track of time when I was finding my way back to the express cus I had to trek for like five minutes before I saw a bike and started meeting people on the road.

When I saw that bike, I rode on it for over ten minutes and paid the rider two hundred naira to take me back to the express road. While the whole drama was going on, I was recording the conversation on my phone, so when I was on the bike, I plugged my ear phone and started listening to the conversations, that was when I realized that, those people in the vehicle were actually acting out a script. It was all planned out. The other guy that the driver chased away was supposed to be a victim like myself, but when he wasn’t cooperating with the driver, and they saw that this guy would soil their plan, he had to let him go out of annoyance.
These guys had their parts, they were actually playing it out, just like when you’re watching a stage play or listening to a play on radio, they all had pieces that they were fixing together and I was just a joke in everything.

After everything, I started thinking who those guys could really be. It may be kidnappers that would kidnap one and call their relatives  to ask for a ransome before one could be released or it could be ritualist, because that place they were driving to was…..

On the hand, they could be robbers who will possibly drive someone to a very quiet place and strip him of everything he or she has (phone, wrist watch, wallet etc)

In all, I was just thankful to God cus only God knows what could have happened. While sharing my experience with others, that was when I knew that this format was popular amongst frausters and other criminals and they have been using it for long. If I had known about this format, I wouldn’t have fallen victim from the onset,  I hope this will help others know better so they won’t fall victim.

I shook off the greed in me and made use of my God given sense.

It is very wrong  and dangerous to pick rides from the road. Picking vehicles from park is alot safer because the Vehicle is fully registered with the management of the park. As the vehicle leaves the park, its entering their register, the time, the driver’s name and vehicle details are all registered, it would become easier in tacking someone. If something had happened to me, it would just be recorded that I went missing but how? They would never know.
In order words, people should try as much as possible to board vehicles from legit parks. Like I said before, it was never my plan to enter vehicle by the road side, it just happened my chance.

Young people should always think twice when things like this that we see as opportunities come before us because I was almost swept away by greed.

People should always learn to carry their families and friends along on road trips, just in case anything come up , atleast there would be someone who knew their whereabout before any incident.

Now let’s talk, 
1) Was Thompson really greedy?
2) What will you do if you were Thompson?
3) What other advise do you have to give?
4) Who do you think these people could have turned out to be?

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