We were on this, while I was peeping at my phone, I have this habit of using Google map whenever I’m traveling in tracking my movements.  Most times, I used drive mood on Google maps to see how much time I will be spending on the road, how far I have gone into the trip and how much time I have left.

Just as the conversation was going on, I was checking my app to see how much time I have spent so far, the other passenger was telling the driver that the place he knows is not far from the road and that the driver should just take this way(a particular route I don’t know) I was listening to them but my eyes was fixed on my phone, so I was actually listening to them passively but wasn’t really paying attention,  all I heard(spoken in a local diet)  was “go straight, take that road, after few seconds, go straight, take that road”.

By the time I raised my head up, we were already out of the road and moving straight. The further we went, the less people we saw on the road. Mere looking at the time we have spent on the ” go straight, take that road ” thing, within myself, I deduced we must have spent two minutes already, but by the time I checked back on my google map, my map was showing that we were already 10 kilometers away from the main road. 10 kilometers is supposed to be about nine minutes or twelve minutes drive. Already, I was losing track of time. It was more like, I was no longer in my senses, like I was hypnotized or something, then I knew that something was really wrong. This wasn’t part of the bargain.
I knew I was in trouble. I can’t explain, but there is this greed that almost everyone has for money when they hear it especially the money they didn’t work for. At that moment, that greed left me. I was having two different thoughts within myself. What if this is real? I mean 3.6 million naira, then it will be good, on the other,  I thought, what if these guys are scammers or ritualist or kidnappers and trying to use this as a bait to get me? It means I would end up being dead or something terrible might happen to me or use me as an ingredient for rituals? Those were the second thought running through my head.

At that point, I took a decision and stood by it, I think it’s better to loose 3.6 million naira than risking my life. I said to myself “my life is sure, but the money isn’t sure”. It’s better I forget this money and secure my life. I started looking for a very good spot to tell them that I am no longer interested but I was scared because the road was empty and lonely. I was looking forward to a street that has people even if it’s one or two persons. Luckily for me, the man repeated, “take that road”,  so we took another turn and saw some guys sitting ahead of us, I knew the time was right, so tapped the driver from behind and told him I was no longer interested in the trip. The driver responded, why are you acting like you’re not a man?  Let’s go for this money , we just entered the year and this might be how God wants to bless you.

I told him straight, I’m not going, I have an exam tomorrow and don’t want anything that would delay me. The three of them were insisting, they said, let’s just go to this woman.
I stood my ground and told them I’m not interested in going to any herbalist.

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