When he was asked how much he had in his bag, he said he had two million US dollars (About 720 million naira in Nigeria currency). When he said this, it caught everybody’s attention. I puffed my eyes and I was like”Holy crap”,  two million US dollars?

One thing that crossed my mind was, that bag was a small bag, could that bag take such huge amount? I thought about it again, I mean, I don’t know the denomination, so I wouldn’t know.
The passenger in front exclaimed, wow!  You killed someone and ran away with his money, we are taking you to the police station. The driver and the other passengers sitting at the back seat, asked Abel to calm down. The passenger in front was still insisting, no way, Abel must be taken to the police station. The driver said we all should calm down, that since we are all aware of Abel’s secret, we would all act like gentle men, have our share of the money and let Abel go but the passenger in front won’t agree. He kept saying, we are going to the police station.

The driver got angry, stopped the car and pushed the front passenger out of the car, the man asked the driver to give him back his money since we all have paid for our fare, the driver insisted he won’t give him back his money, that was how we drove off and the conversation continued.

At this point, the driver and the other passenger at the back started parcifying Abel,  they told him not to be afraid as they won’t take him to the police station and everything was going to be fine, all he had to do was follow a simple plan and arrangement, and the arrangement was to share the money with us, and everyone leaves happily.

The driver asked Abel how much he was going to give us, Abel said he already had plans for the money, nevertheless, for keeping his secret and doing nothing, he would give each of us ten thousand US dollars (about 3.6 million naira). I thought within myself, 3.6 million naira for doing nothing just to keep my mouth shut? The amount was fine by me but the driver got angry, stopped the car and asked Abel to get down that the amount was too small. Abel said there was no problem that we can actually work something out but sharing the money was not the issue at that point, the issue was that ” there was a charm placed  on the money and that it was common among Muslims in the North, they use it to protect their properties from thieves.

Abel said there was charm on the money and it took him alot of effort to put the money together and put it in his bag and at some point he had to urinate on  the money in order to neutralize the charm,  (While growing up, there was this belief that once you urinate  on a charm, it neutralizes it) but while he tried doing that, the moment his urine touched the money, the charm threw him to the ground, so that’s the only issue with the money and that was why he was visiting Ile Ife,  claiming he knows one or two places he can visit to neutralize the charm.

The driver said, now that there are three of us, there is no need for that, either of us should know a place around we can take the money to.
The driver turned and asked me if I was from that place, I replied and said no, further explaining that, “I am just here for work and I’m traveling right now cus I have an exam tomorrow”, he asked the other passengers, one of the passengers said he knew someone, a woman who is an herbalist implying that she gets stuffs like this done without even charging money.

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