Today on Let’s talk, Ade will be sharing quite an interesting story.

“Will you keep your dumb idea to yourself?”, that sent shivers down my spines, was it the sleepless night I put into writing this very proposal that was rubbished like trash within minutes of trying to present it or the number of years I have put into serving faithfully in the firm.

Hearing that from my boss triggered unexplainable emotions. My colleague who also doubled as a friend could see something was wrong with me and she asked a rhetorical question “Are you okay?”, of course I said I was but my tears soaked eyes disagreed.

I left work early because inspiration, energy and drive all left me the moment those callous words were shot into my spirit. The journey in that bus home was the beginning of the end of my stay at my former work place and which also happened to be the last place I worked for anyone, because right there in that bus ,I vowed not to end my life building people’s empires and living in a collapsed hut.

I started to jot in my notepad what I could offer the world with the skills, education and experience i have acquired over the years. The berthing of that vision alone boosted my self confidence, although I faithfully worked in my firm for another six (6) months before launching out, but those six (6) months were different, because I had a set goal and different aspirations. I drew out my plan, started working on it, shared it with a few friends who I knew will give me the needed momentum with their input and they didn’t dissapoint, this is why it is important to have friends that are assets and not liabilities because who you follow in life determines what follows you.

Years , down the line, I thank God my boss yelled at me and called my idea dumb, because the same idea she called dumb is what feeds me ,my family and my staff today. I also vowed to be a better leader than her because I always see the positive perspective in what any of my staff proposes and make them know their value to the firm.

Oga CEO/Madam CEO, calm down, you are not the landlord of the world, God is. Be careful how you relate with people, the fact that they work for you today doesn’t make them your slave. They sweat, think, work to actualise your vision, don’t you think they deserve some accolades and not just bashing all the time?

And to you who is currently working under a person, it is not a bad idea either, the truth is not anyone can own a business, but whatever you find yourself doing wherever you are working, put in your best on that endeavour, the experience will definitely count. My former boss called me months after leaving and said “I miss your dedication and zest, you truly gave your best”. That coming from her was really shocking, truly we don’t know the value of what we have until we loose it, however can they also say of you “you put in your best”?

 Friends, always remember that life is like a bank account, what you deposit into life is what you will withdraw out of life.

I sure felt very bad, but I utilized the situation to my own favor.

Always be ready for anything , do your best and believe in yourself.

Now let’s talk
1) Do you blame Ade’s boss?
2) Is it true that people that value what they have until they loose it?
3) What will you do if you were in Ade’s shoes
4) What did you learn from his story?


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