SAFETY – What I did to protect myself from contracting the deadly corona virus

Today on let’s talk, a resident  (name withheld)from China will be sharing what he had been doing to avoid contracting the deadly corona virus.

I am thirty (38) years old and live in china, I have actually been using this for quite a while but never thought it would be this useful in the future.
I am married with four children, three boys and a girl , not actually rich per say but I can at least afford good food , good shelter and good education for my kids . I and my wife own a farm and a small business we manage  as we can switch jobs.

Late last year ,I came across a particular pendant, I actually heard the pendant is already across some countries, they alighted the things that it works for but I was  in doubt, the one that struck and caught my attention was when they said it protects against viruses. I jokingly asked if it can cure aids but they said no, explaining further that it could protect against some deadly viruses especially the ones transmitted by air.

When I travelled to Nigeria last year, I saw some persons wearing it ,I was shocked to my marrow, I excused one of the persons I saw wearing it and asked what it is used for, apparently he doesn’t even know, he heard people taking about it ,he could afford it, hence he bought it.

I went online to check for it’s usage and how it could be of help to me. After all, I decided to give it a try. I bought two , one for myself and one for my wife. I stayed in Nigeria for some days and when I was done with what I came for, I travelled back to China and ever since, my wife and I have been using that pendant relunctantly.
I could remember when I bought it, they said something about it protecting someone from radio active substance in the air and how it helps one use up all his natural ability (that part caught me ) considering my kind of work, I think I will really need all my energy to do my job as a farmer and as a sales man managing a shop.

Fast forward to the outbreak of the deadly corona virus, I heard it could be transmitted from one person to another by air. The rate at which people were dying was at a rise. I held on to my pendant, my wife had but my children don’t so because of that they have been at home as fear won’t even allow them walk on the street anymore, I never knew the pendant I bought relunctantly would be of help in times as this. I went online again to know more about the pendant and found out that it’s uses something called Iprotect , which I got already. Only my wife and I now go out.

I can’t really afford the pendant for my kids right now as business is on hold and very slow ,I had hoped I bought as many then though I purchased those two because of the money I had at hand when I visited Nigeria, though I’m looking forward to getting it for my entire family, I am not saying it cures any virus but it can actually protect you against contracting the virus itself.

I always wear my pendant with the Iprotect inside, I don’t know how long it’s going to last, but I sure will use it while I can.

I don’t know the number of countries that this pendant has gotten to, but it will be ideal if you get yours if you can reach out to it and afford it. I don’t really know how to get it at the moment as I can’t leave China now cus of the situation of things but you can reach out to the writer of this content as it’s stated clearly they don’t advertise on their blog.

Now let’s talk
1) Have you heard of any pendant with an Iprotect that can actually do such wonders?
2) If really it work wonders, would you get it for yourself and family?
3) Do you believe that technology has reached this extent?

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