There was a time that late coming was becoming rampant, so my boss made a rule that, if you come late, you must forfeit your feeding money that day . The workers seemed to have been Ok with the new development but deep down they didn’t like the idea but couldn’t voice it out.

Funny part was, my boss started checking attendance book to know those that will be collecting feeding money and expect that only such amount appear in the expenses but Maxwell thought he was exempted since he was the driver. He faulted so many times, I will still give but I will be the one to face query from my boss and because of that I stopped giving. I made it clear to all of them, that if they come late, they shouldn’t bother disturbing me for their feeding money to avoid embarrassment.

As usual, Maxwell the almighty came because he felt he was older and can control me, I told him he does not have feeding money for that day because he came late to work. Maxwell said he will beat me up if I refuse to give him his money, I told him to dare me, I locked my drawer and kept the key somewhere. He was still insisting I give him his money and this time, he was shouting but I gave him a deaf ear as I didn’t say a word anymore . 

He picked up one of the padlocks to hit my head but I beat him to his own game by picking another padlock to hit him first, the hit I gave him on his head caused a tear.
I was afraid and bold at the same time as he was the one that provoked and even wanted to hit me first.

Maxwell became very furious threatening thunder and brimstone, my boss was called, he asked what happened, I told him, Maxwell also told his own part of the story with other workers in the shop. All judged to my favour as it provoked Maxwell the more. My boss asked me to go home, treated Maxwell and the next day asked me to apologize to him which I did.

I later found out that, Maxwell had been extorting money from the company, my boss knew but for some reasons I don’t know refused to sack him
I applied for admission to futher my study but was not given that year so I continued working there. The next year, I applied again and was given admission.
I told my boss of the admission, he was happy and at the same time sad as he was missing me already. My boss did so many things for me while working  there ranging from paying for clothes I bought  from his wife, giving me money for my hair do, pocket money etc. I felt like he was my father.

When I was finally leaving, my boss did so many things that still amazes me till date.
One thing I did that I was and still proud of was the fact that money stopped missing from the company and accounts were always balanced.

I was employed amongst thieves and some unsincere people,  I proved I wasn’t a thief and was sincere my learning from my mistake and doing the right thing

Be honest and sincere to yourself and others, it pays.

Now let’s talk,
1) What do you feel is the reason the boss refused to sack Maxwell?
2) Have you ever been in that kind of situation?
3) If yes, how did you over come it?
4 ) Why do the likes of Maxwell behave the way they do?

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