She advised that I tell my boss about the shortage, I was too afraid, I was shaking but then I needed to let him know myself, I walked straight to him trembling and broke the news to him, he was upset and what he said was” I will deduct it from your salary “

I left his presence and went crying, how did I made such mistake? I asked myself, that was my first lesson learnt (to be extremely careful).

At the end of the month to my surprise, my boss paid me my salary in full, I even went to remind him of what he said, but he just smiled and asked me to go.

Now back to the main deal, there was this driver (Maxwell)  that works for the company, he was of the same tribe with my boss. Maxwell normally collects money for diesel every week to fuel the company’s vehicle but what I didn’t know was how many times he was supposed to collect the money every week.

One morning,  he came to collect money as usual, I don’t know why I did that, but I wrote down the amount I gave him, his name and asked him to sign by it which he did.
Two days later, Maxwell came to collect another money for diesel, I thought within myself, is this how the vehicle uses diesel? I gave him the money, wrote his name and asked him to sign again.

Few days later, the managing Director /CEO decided to check the expenses made the previous week because the total expenses showing on records was high so he decided to see how the expenses rose up like that. My MD discovered that I signed out money for diesel twice, he called my attention and I told him I gave it to Maxwell. Maxwell was called upon and asked why he took money twice in a week for diesel , low and behold, Maxwell denied collecting twice, he said he only took once, I was shocked to my marrows
I just opted for my boss to give me audience and called my boss’ attention to where Maxwell had signed, I asked Maxwell, is this your signature?  He answered yes, was it you that signed it or not? He said yes. So why do you say you never collected money twice?

Maxwell immediately started speaking in his dialect with my boss giving his reasons why he collected money twice for a week, my boss was so furious and said I acted like a fool and would get me arrested.

I was feeling bad for being fooled by Maxwell and at the same time afraid of being arrested.

I went back to my duty post and continued doing my job. (Another lesson learnt).
From that day forward, I became very rigid and disciplined as money does not leave my locker without proper permission from my MD, I mean proper permission. If my boss sends you to me for money, I won’t give, except he calls me himself, it was that serious.
Some workers liked my new pattern while some were against it, especially the thieves among them.

I blocked all means by which Maxwell uses to extort money from the firm and because of that, he hated me. I said to myself, hate me all you want, but no one will put me in trouble anymore  or make me look like a fool.

I did my job to the extent I gained my boss’ trust and till he started seeing me as his daughter.
My boss will even call me to seek advise as regards to the company’s growth.

The manager, some workers and Maxwell ( especially Maxwell)  became very angry with me cus I don’t allow them go near my boss’ money.

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