Today on let’s talk, Marian will be sharing what she encountered as a child.

I was in primary 5, about 11 years old, I was this very intelligent child, so most of the teachers loved me

Then in school, there was this particular pen that my friends and I liked using,  like there is a way it makes our hand writings look, but one funny thing about the pen was, it doesn’t write well once it comes in contact with air, so because of that,  whenever we purchase this pen,  we all make sure that the pen’s cover does not get lost for any reason.
There is this boy whose name was Mike,  not really intelligent,  but he was close to me probably Cus I was intelligent,  moreover, I still helped him with home work and class works. Mike was the class monitor , so he was always the one that locks the class after the close of school.

On this faithful day, on my way to school, I bought this same pen, got to school, after assembly, we matched to our classes, the maths teacher taught and gave class work, I did mine, submitted on time and boom!!
My class teacher asked me to mark other pupil’s class work (not new,  teachers were fond of using the intelligent pupils, if you attend a public school, you would know).

In the cause of arranging the books together so I can mark,  I noticed that my pen’s cover had fallen off,  I tried looking for it but all to no avail as the class was too full,  I deduced in my heart that after school when everyone had gone out, I will look for it, hence, I continued with what I was doing,  other teachers came and taught also.

After school, my friends and I climbed down stairs, we played a little, just when we were set to finally leave, I remembered my pen’s cover that I wsd to look for. I asked my friends to go with me upstairs but they refused ( probably wanted to play more while I looked for it).

That was how I rushed upstairs, when I got to my class, I saw Mike about locking the door, I sheepishly smiled at Mike, Please!   please!  I left my pen’s cover inside, let me quickly look for it, so he allowed me inside.

As I was looking for the pen’s cover,  I turned my back to ask Mike to assist me in looking for the pen, that was when I realized that his eyes had changed, his eyes were red,  I was like, what is wrong?  Before I could finish the question,  he had started chasing me round the class room,  I ran in between chair rolls, I ran past the first, second, third, I got to the fourth roll which was the last, there was no where else to turn, I looked down the window, I wanted to jump, but there were damaged  chairs with nails looking at me, if I jump, I won’t only break my legs, I would also be injured by the nails, I stood at the last roll with my back resting on the wall, my heart was beating so fast, I was just 11.Oh God help me.

When he got to where I was, he placed his hands on my waist, I don’t know how I did it (I say it’s  God), but I just swing my body and his hands slipped from my body (probably Cus of the texture of the uniform, looks like nylon).

That was how I ran out immediately,  went straight down, I was running and telling my friend that we should go home. I was so devastated.

I got home,  told my mum what had happened, was actually expecting her to follow me to school the next day, but she didn’t, she asked me to report to my class teacher the next day. I did as my mum instructed me, Mike denied of course. But I was someone whose truthfulness had been tested and trusted, the teacher actually believed me, he warned the boy that the next time she hears such, the whole school will hear about it.

I stayed away from Mike till I Finally wrote my first school leaving certificate (FSLC) exam and left.

Years later, I was coming from church with my phone in my hands, someone wanted to snatch my phone, low and behold, it was this same Mike, he couldn’t stand me as he ran away.
I thought within myself , so this is what he had turned into.

What does a child of eleven know?  I prayed to God in my heart and he answered me, hence, I was able to escape. I reported him to my mum and then my teacher.

I am all grown up now,  so my advise would go for parents and teachers, please watch out for kids in your care, and don’t just wave away some certain issues. Tell your kids never to be alone in a lonely place and give them tips on how to stay away from these predators. I was lucky if not I would have been a victim.

Now let’s talk, 
1) Would you blame Marian for what happened?
2) What do you think Marian’s mum could have done?
3) Did her teacher handled the issue well?


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