Alero as she wants to be called here calls it an experience that she didn’t know if time will heal. Let’s hear her story today on let’s talk.

August 13, 2008 will never erase from my  memory because I don’t know if to curse that day or bless it. Just like every jambite or jambito,  I was given admission into a well known university in the south(name withheld). I was happy like every jambito will be, I will be called a university big girl,I will read my books and come out with good grades, make my family proud, I will get a good job to assist my family and also get married to a man of my dream.
Only if I knew that day will mark the frustruation that was going to reshape my life and dream, I would have rejected the admission and  wait for the next year. Only if I  could see the future and the predicament and frustration that awaited  me.

Alero as my mom fondly called  me, I could still remember her words before I set out for the institution. She said “Alero my child, please you know your dad and I won’t be with you in school , you’re going to face a new life ,you will meet the good and bad people in the university, please only make friends with the good ones, don’t make bad friends, always read your books, you know your father and I are trying, you’re the first going to school in this house, make us proud, you’re intelligent,  God will bless and protect you”. I echoed Amen and left for school .

I was  set out to be the best, inspired  and  motivated to make my family proud and change their life for good, with that mindset and zeal to be a better person.

After my first year, I was the second best in my department with a C.g.p.a of 3.86.  Mr Kwambo was the head of my department.A well strict principled middle aged man,he was in his late 50’s then, and feared by all even by his colleagues and students.

Maybe I forgot to mention that I am chubby or set(university slang) and as usual guys do come around professing how they are going to buy the world for me if I dated them, but because of my constant going to library and going to church, I was seen as a nerd so they do give up the Chase.
When He (Mr Kwambo) finally came,I approached him and  noticed he was just staring at my boobs,and accessing my body, he then asked that  I should leave my matriculation number  with him and check back the next day.

My first encounter with him was in my year 2 second semester when I had a missing result of a borrowed course .I went to the department of the borrowed  course and they said they have sent the result to my department,  I went back to my department and they told me that I should meet the HOD ( Head Of Department) when he comes back.

I Waited for hours, had to miss some lectures just to explain my plight to him if he can help me resolve it so as to maintain a good grade.

The next day,  I went to meet him and at this  time he was kind of smiling too much with me, offered me  a drink then he told me how I got a nice result,and how he can help me to be a first class student without stress if I allow him to be my godfather.I thought godfather was all about mentorship since he was a professor , but he told me the quality of his own godfatherism, how I will be sleeping with him, even if I  don’t attend lectures,I will still pass and nobody will question him not even the v.c (Vice Chancellor)

He then inputed an A for the missing course and told me he have started doing his part and that it’s  left for me to do my part.I told him I can’t sleep with him,since he is older than me and my dad, more over I am a virgin, he  laughed  and said he like virgins and he liked them tight.
He Said all sort of sordid words to me – sex and oral stuff. I began to imagine if he is the most feared anymore. when I  told him I am not interested , he got angry and said that he just made a fool of himself , yet I don’t want him,whether I like it or not he must have sexual inter course with me and if I refuse my result will tell on me, but I still stood my ground and left.

At the end of second semester, I saw my result, I got three missing scripts  together with that borrowed  course he gave me an A.
 I went to his office but he chased  me away like a rat and warned me never to enter  his office again and that he is going to frustrate me as far as I  am in that  school, then I  left.

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