“Mr Kwambo you have indeed touched  the viper’s tail,you frustrated me, sexed me and still keep frustrating me because of your self urge.
I don’t have any connection or money like you but with my pubic hair in my mouth, I curse you till your fourth generation and as far you have laid with/disvirgin me, never will you know peace, you will so much face dissappointmen in life, you will feel what it feels to be frustrated, nobody will want to help you, you will know no love, just frustruation, dissappointment and pain,you will look for me even if I’m under water to beg me, Mark  my words”.

He was smiling and kept saying I don’t know who I was talking to, I left his office with tears, giving myself a force convocation ,damn…I dropped out.

Seven (7) years later, I was driving when my phone rang, I picked  and asked who was calling. Yes! I was driving my own car, I know you must be thinking how, she dropped out and now driving her own car?🤣🤣
Well, after I dropped out from school and almost became wayward, my uncle advised me to go on some certified courses and have some basic skills and idea about the oil industry and he will help pull some strings for me at least to secure an employment in an contracting oil firm.

I reluctantly started doing these courses before my uncle was able to secure a job in an oil contracting firm for me to work as an accountant with a salary of thirty (30) thousand naira monthly, though it  meagre but it better than staying at home and  occupying my mind with evil thoughts.

Well, I never believed  God works in mysterious ways  due to my experiences, I was working in this contracting firm with that same salary of thirty (30) thousand naira ,no increament, but workers do go rigging contracts and eating fat salaries. well, as for me, I was just in the office sitting my fat as out on the office chair, so that particular year, contract came like never before and almost all our workers were either on rig or off.

There was a particular contract my company was supposed to execute that have limited workforce , the manager called me up to his office, he asked why I did not tell him I got those certified courses for job, that he thought I was just an accountant, he knew only when he was doing little review on workers  resume and seeing mine, he was surprised that I got the qualification needed for the job.I was surprised, I don’t know what transpired  between him and my uncle,the only thing my uncle told me was send your resume and the next thing I was called  upon to do an accounting job. The manager said I would be on the list for the next job life.

I did the job with them for the next two years and was  promoted . I  found favour in the eyes of one of the companies that we do contract together with a very good pay, that was how I left my former compay, I was able to secure an apartment, got a land and a car, still doing my normal rigging routine.

Who would  believed a drop out like me Will acquire such, even my colleagues who got the degree ain’t up to my level, they still beg  for job connect – life .

Back to the issue at hand, as I  was driving,  my phone rang, I picked  and asked  who on the phone, It was Mr Kwambo.😒

How on earth did this devil pervert incarnate for my number pissed  me off,  well I’m not surprised, might be one of my coursemates.

I bluntly told him it was a wrong number , he insisted it was not that I should please hear him out. I refused  to hear him out, but the call was so much that I had to switch off my phone.

When i turned  it on, I got a message from Mr Kwambo that states he wants  to see me, he said ever since I  said those words to him, everything has not been cool with him and his family, his so called intelligent daughter got pregnant for a thug and even while she got married to the thug, she was still sleeping out with young boys.

His two sons on the other hand are nothing to write home about,one only sleeps around with people’s  wives, on so many occasion he have been caught and disgraced , while the other is a raspist and a criminal.

A friend of his took him to see a prophet,  the prophet told him he was suffering from a curse laid upon him by me and ever since he have been seeking for my whereabout for me to break the curse, and that he is very sorry for the act, he wished  to see me and kneel down,  prostrate on the floor, even if I  want to flog him I should, he will borrow money from his friends to give me only if I  break the curse.

The wife on the other hand sleeps around with men to provide for them since he lost his lecturing job due to sex scandal and could not retain any other lecturing job due to the stigma.

He has been suffering, he does not have an ideal family, the kids are suffering from sins of their father.
I have refused  to answer him, I don’t want to see him, he almost destroyed  my life if not for God, I want him to suffer for his evil deeds but I pity the family who fell prey for sins of the father and a husband.

I am in pains right now as hearing from him reminds me of that devil, that forgiving him is hard for me. Maybe I will need your advise, I don’t want to forgive that man, I want him to suffer more so he would know what I went through  but I don’t think the family deserve it, still confuse till now. It hurts, it truly hurts.

It was a rough ride for me at first, the dissapointment and shame I brought to my parents was high, there was a time I almost committed suicide but I was saved.

I became wayward but God used my uncle to bring me back to limelight and today my parents are proud of me. I pulled myself together and faced life again.

As for Mr Kwambo, he is still there, paying for his sins. Some of you might be wondering why I never forgave him, but it’s not as easy as you think.

Don’t ever put yourself in a position where people takes advantage of you. I never should have gave in to Mr Kwambo’s request, but then I felt that was the only way to be what I wanted to be, but I was completely wrong, there are different and better ways of handling issues and doing things.

Now let’s talk, 
1) Did you ever thought  that Alero’s curse will work on Mr Kwambo?
2) Was Alero too quick in giving in to Mr Kwambo’s request?
3) Does Mr Kwambo’s family deserve what they are passing through?
4) Is Alero too strong hearted not to forgive Mr Kwambo?
5) Is Alero also to be blamed for her mistakes?
6) Do you think Mr Kwambo deserves to be forgiven?
7) Do you think Mr Kwambo is truly sorry for his evil act or he is only begging because of the misfortune that had be fallen him and his family ?
8) What advise do you have for Alero?


  1. Mr Kwambo isn't sorry. He is only saying he's sorry cos of the curse. as for her, she should forgive him and move on. GOD has given her a second chance. If she doesn't forgive him, God might just decide to hold her sins against her and do same. she shouldn't bring torture upon herself due to in forgiveness

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