After this, I still didn’t give up. I wanted my man back. I acted like nothing happened and kept calling him. He also acted like nothing happened and was acting normal. One evening, I called him to come over, he said he couldn’t. I heard his girlfriend’s voice on the background so I knew they were together. Hours later, he came knocking at my door, as soon as I opened it, he pushed me to the bed, removed my clothes and had sex with me. When he was done, he went. Is this not what you wanted? And then it dawned on me. There was no love anymore, he was only concerned about the sex and he thought I probably felt the same way. But I felt worthless and lost. He stayed with me for a while and when he left, I thought for some minutes, took my phone and told him all what was on my mind.

As soon as I ended the call, I felt free! I was ready to let him go. The following day, I woke up normal, I went through my day normally. I didn’t call him all through that day, which had never happened (since the day he broke up with me I was always calling him because I wanted him to forgive me for going to the party because really, that was my only crime).  I never cheated or lied to him. He made me feel it was my fault for him leaving me. And I actually carried that in my mind for so long.

Four days passed and I didn’t call him. On the fourth day, he called me and asked if I was home because he missed me and wanted to see me.

Truly, I still loved him. So I was happy he called but I wasn’t ready to beg him to come back to me anymore. I was ready to accept whatever comes. He came to see me and we talked casually. From that day he was the one doing the calling. His birthday is exactly a week before my ow,  that is, his own is 12th while mine is 19th of the same month. His birthday came, I didn’t call him or text him. He obviously celebrated with his girl friend  and I really wasn’t  bothered. After his birthday, he lamented about me not even calling or texting him on his birthday. He told me what his girl friend got him, good for him, the girl has more money than myself so she could get him the world for all I care.

Few days to my birthday, he began to hint on taking me out for my birthday. I told him it wasn’t necessary but he begged me so I obliged. On the said day, I dressed up nicely and went with him to where he wanted us to go. We had a nice time and he spent the night at my place. I can’t  remember if we had sex or not.

The next day after my birthday, I travelled home to my parent’s. We were already done with our final exams so there was really no need staying in school. I went home, hoping to return for my project the following month.

When I was at home, Tony always called. He said he couldn’t wait for me to be back and he missed me. He didn’t travel home because there was no point traveling the distance only to return in few weeks for project. So he stayed back to just finish the project and go.

I went back to school for my project and Tony was all over me,he slept at my place everynight and we were having regular sex, like just friends with benefit, his girl friend had gone home too since the school was on general break. He told me he was done with the girl anyways. As for me,  I was just catching trips in school, meeting new guys and all. Tony decided to come with his jealousy to spoil my fun. He warned me never to see those guys again and said I was hurting his feelings. But Oga, you said you’re no longer in love with me, so which feelings? He told me he still loved me and we should get back together. Did we really break up ? Breakup that we were still seeing each other and doing every thing we did while we were still dating.

Anyways, That was how we continued the relationship  and our fornication intensified. Project was done and dusted and it was time to go to our various houses. Tony to Abuja, me to Ilorin! I told Tony, this is the right time to break up. I told him there was no hard feelings but I just dont feel the distance will make us work.

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