We settled days later, but things were never the same again. He told me he wanted to give his life to Christ, I said no problem, we will be serving Christ together. Mind you, Tony like sex, he is more like a sex addict , My God!  We can’t sleep together for one night without him trying to have sex with me, I’m even the one that will sometimes tell him that we should just chill, we shouldn’t  be having sex everytime like that. So please, how am I the one hindering him from serving God? He said he wanted to serve God, I said ok let us serve God. But the guy will still come and have sex with me. Please who is doing who?

One time, he began to avoid me. Maybe because he wanted to take serving God seriously though. One week will passed, I will not see him. Somebody that is staying just a stone throw from my place . I would call to see him, not because I wanted to have sex , just to see someone I love, he will tell me he is busy and plenty stories. Yet if I go out and he mistakenly sees me coming back, he will be getting angry ask why I went out.

It was becoming annoying. You won’t  come and keep me company and you dont want me to go out. Who the fuck does that? So my lodgemates were organising a bonfire night, my roommate and I got free tickets, mind you I don’t  attend parties or go out because Tony was a very jealous guy who wouldn’t  want to see me in certain places but this time, I said to hell with him. I got this my very hot bum short ready with a halter neck top and high heels and went with my roommate to the bonfire night. As we were there, my roommate’s boyfriend came, beat her and bundled her out of the place so I was all alone.

That was when I met a guy named Saint. Since I was all alone, he was my company for the night. I had nowhere to go and where I lived was really far from where we were. We got high together and I joined him and his friends in their car to wherever they were going. I found myself in Saint’s house and as the drunk people we were, we fell on the floor and slept till morning. Nothing happened.

In the morning, he took me to where I would get a bike, I thanked him and went home. As I got home, I changed my clothes and hurried to Tony’s place. I had missed him. On getting to his place, he looked calm and asked me where I was coming from, I said my house. He laughed and said he was at my place the night before and I wasn’t there. That was when I told him I went for a party. Tony said he knew, he even described what I wore and who I was with. I wasn’t  really shocked. His 2go babe Doris was there and also some of his friends were there too. One of them must have told him. They didn’t  leave any detail, they went further to tell him I followed a guy home. So he knew I slept in a guy’s house.

“Yes, I slept in the guy’s house but nothing happened. We just slept” I began to explain to him but he would have none of it.

He told me he couldn’t  continue with the relationship because I was a liar and a cheat. How will I tell him nothing happened? Is the guy impotent?bla bla bla. I felt like my world was crashing, I begged Tony, I begged with my life, but he told me to go. He said he could never trust me anymore and that I have hurt him so much.

I felt pain in my heart, excruciating pain. I wanted to die. Not because I couldn’t  handle a breakup but I had built my world around this guy. I cut off with all my male friends because of him. I made him the popular, handsome guy he had become. I made him! He was mine! Mine alone! He couldn’t  leave me. He shouldn’t  be able to live without me. That was what I thought. I was becoming obsessed with him. I felt like I owned him. I kept pushing, pushing for us not to break up, I couldn’t  face the shame.

 But Tony told me he was done for good. He didnt want me anymore. Where did I go wrong? Is it because of a harmless party? I spent sleepless nights wondering.

Few weeks after, I heard he had gotten a new girl. I was confused. The girl in question was someone I knew, her ex boyfriend was my neighbour. If you see this girl, she was a perfect 8 while me I was just like a 4 or maybe they may accord me 4 and a half. The girl was hot, nice shape, had this modeling body, a perfect GIRL FRIEND. She even contested in a beauty pageant in our school that year. And she had money to throw around,  as in  she was not broke like me! How did they start dating just two to three weeks after he broke up with me?

I was broken. I confronted him, he told me it was me he loved, that I felt too confident of myself that he could never have any other girl so he decided to prove me wrong. That he had no feelings for her. Ok you have proven me wrong, break up with her, he didnt agree. I felt the girl also didn’t  love him. How can a girl like that love my Tony? I thought she was just toying with him but I was wrong. From the gist that was flying around, the girl just  date up and down. So Tony was the new guy on board and she was all lovey dovey about him. ah!!! I exclaimed.

Tony told me if I turned a new leaf, he would forgive me and come back to me. And part of turning a new leaf was to start making my hair because I was on low cut (mohawk style and I always sprayed my hair with gold hair spray) and according to him, it was attracting boys to me not just boys-BAD BOYS.

 Tony was still calling me, acting all normal while placing me on probation. See me working so hard to escape probation,  lol. I started making my hair and behaving like good girl. Tony was busy giving me hope. And he was still seeing his new girlfriend. He said he couldn’t  just end it with her and that I should give him time.
I said ok. He made it look like he never had anything serious with the girl. He was still coming to see me and we were even still having sex, Just imagine.

 It was the day I saw him at a chemist shop, remember we lived close to each other and my mind just told me he had come to buy condoms. I decided to follow him to his house without him knowing and alas! his girlfriend was there! He didn’t  let me enter his house, he outrightly chased me away that day! I felt used, he had been in my house earlier that day and we even had sex! Look at him chasing me out of his house now like I  was a stranger or a bad news. And given by the time I was at his place, It was obvious the girl was going to sleep at his place. My world had crumbled before my very eyes. I took the walk of shame back to my apartment.

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