School resumed and I got to school before him, he came a week after. I had initially told him before we left school to buy me panties as gift when we resume but trust me, I was only joking! Tony came back and called me to come over, I went to his place and he handed me a set of ugly panties and a beautiful wristwatch. I was really surprised that he would actually go to the market to get me PANTIES! I collected them happily even though they were ugly and he leaned over to kiss me… He kissed me deeply and I didn’t refuse, it was our FIRST KISS!!! and it wasn’t bad.

I had fallen for ‘Talambe’ and I never realised it earlier. Who wouldnt? The guy was innocent, kind, sweet. I started seeing him differently. I told my friends not to call him Talambe anymore, that I was already in love with him. My silly friends said according to yoruba tradition, they cannot call their friend’s boy friend  by his name so they will call him ‘Uncle’. That was how they started calling him ‘Uncle T’. And they are not even Yoruba 😂

Tony and I spent all our free time together, one night he slept over, we had sex for the first time and truly it was beautiful because I did it with love. My previous sexual experiences had always been terrible, so much coercing and struggles (not rape though) but you know how these guys do. Tony started spending most of his nights in my room since my roommate was always out of town, he had a roommate too so I couldn’t sleep at his place. Well, enough fornicating for us, right ?

People got to know that Tony and I were dating and Mike started vexing for me, you remember Mike? If you dont, scroll up you will remember. Apparently, Mike was thinking himself and I would date simply because we were close. Imagine ,  Mike that never asked me out, even if he did, I wouldn’t  have dated him. Mike stopped talking to me because I was dating Tony and let me not lie, I was pained because Mike and I were actually close. But I was in love with Tony so to hell with Mike.

Tony and I dated for a year plus and in 2011, he lost his dad. When he came back from the burial, he changed. He didn’t want to spend time with me anymore, he said he was grieving. “Come let us grieve together”, I said.  I just want to grieve with you. This guy will not come. And that period I was going through a tough situation which I wouldn’t disclose here. He knew what I was going through yet he still kept his distance.

Three months after his dad’s death/burial, we were together and I saw him chatting with a girl on 2go. The girl happened to be in our school too. Before you know, they had exchanged numbers and this girl will call Tony for hours talking about nothing. I confronted him and he said so he cannot have friends again because we are dating. In my mind, is this same Tony?  Tony that no girl wanted until I started dating him. As in it was like I brought him out or let me say “opened his eyes”. When I met him, he never used a body spray, cologne or a perfume, he said he hated the smell, I took it upon myself to always buy him body sprays and perfumes with my money. I told him I didn’t like guys that smell ‘ordinary ordinary’. That he has to start smelling nice. He later got used to using perfumes and smelling good because of me.
I was always looking for ways to buy him gifts, no matter how small. Ranging from recharge cards, to perfumes, tshirts,  even boxers. I also took out time to do a spelling drill for him because  he was not good in spelling at all. I made a conscious  effort to teach him how to speak well also by always correcting him when he makes mistakes. Tony was transformed. He now looked so fine and people would always admire him whenever he comes to my place.  I was feeling proud that I was dating fine a boy.

It is now this same Tony that was telling me so he can’t have friends again because he is dating me? And I was just wondering….Did he have friends before he started dating me? All his friends were guys! I trusted Tony so much that I would never go through his phone because I so much believed he could never have any other girl. I didn’t  know Tony of yesterday has now grown wings with huge feathers.

I complained about that 2go girl (Doris) countless times but nothing changed. Tony still indulged the girl and was actually enjoying the attention. The Doris girl was dating a rich dude in school but the dude was dating lots of girls so she was not happy in the relationship. The dude showered her with money and gifts so she never lacked airtime to call my Tony. They would talk for hours non-stop. I was really hurt, broken and shattered because Tony wasn’t ready to put an end to this his new found addiction , so I added the girl on 2go too and I received a shocker.Boooom! The girl told me , Tony had been asking her out but since Tony is in his final year and she was just in 200 level,  she was a bit scared to enter such relationship, that is why she has not agreed. My head !!! Stars flashed in my eyes and I ran to Tony’s house so that he could deny it.

Tony looked me in the eyes and asked why I added the girl on 2go. Wait. Hol’up! Is it why I added the girl that is the problem or you should come and hold me and say “baby, the girl is only telling lies, I didn’t ask her out”. Tony literally told me to believe anything I want to believe since whatever he says will not hold water. You haven’t even said anything and you are saying whatever you say will not hold water, hmmmm. I left  his house, hurt, disappointed, felt rejected. It was like I created an angel and he became a monster to hurt me.

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