About a week later, the guy called me on my mobile and arranged for us to meet. I told him I would check him up when I get home since our hostels/lodges were really close. As soon as I got home, I went to see him and he began “babe, it’s not like I don’t  like you the way you like me  but since we are in the same department , I wouldn’t want any lecturer’s trouble  because I don’t  know if any lecturer has eyes on you knowing you’re a beautiful damsel but as it is now,  I am willing to give us a try because I really like you”.
I was lost for words. In my mind I was telling myself ”  the seed you planted has grown ripe fruits,  so face your reality .

I couldn’t tell the guy I had been joking all along, I didnt know what to say,  I just sat down and was looking at him. Then I took his phone and started checking it, looking for something to help me in the situation. Voila! I saw something.  A text message to a lady he was asking out. I began to flex my muscles, “so you have a girlfriend and you are telling me you want us to start dating ” I queried.  He quickly defended himself and told me it was a girl he was asking out and he has made up his mind to forget the girl and focus on me.  Ok. Ok. Ok. I feigned anger and walked out. The guy came after me begging and I had to tell him it was okay, and that we are good.

Meanwhile, I had a boyfriend Elvis that I had been dating for about two months.  He was an unserious boyfriend .   He was not in love with me and I wasn’t in love with him but we were dating. That will be a story for another day. So with what happened earlier with Tony,  I obviously have two boyfriends that “I WASN’T IN LOVE WITH”.

Well, I decided to just play along .  I told my friends what transpired between Tony and I and we had a good laugh. We changed Tony’s name to Talambe because I said he behaved like an imbecile. Mind you, the guy wasn’t all that bad, he was tall, well built and he wasn’t  ugly. I just didnt love him plus the huge turn off I had about him was that he wasn’t  at all fluent in English. Like he couldn’t  construct a complete sentence in English without making mistakes.

Tony took the whole relationship thing so serious, he would always call, check up on me and do all those love things. Two weeks after our supposed relationship started, we went on school break. He lived in Abuja, while I was in Ilorin so there was distance between us. Yet Tony always called.
Valentine’s day came, and we were still at home for the school break. Tony sweetly and innocently sent me a Valentine’s text message and Alas! it was all these messages from “text message book” that one must have seen and seen and seen and got tired of seeing. Gosh! I called him immediately and warned him never to send me that kind of text message in this life. My siblings were there when I called him and they started laughing.My words cut through his heart like a double edged sword, he felt so embarrassed because he heard the laughter in the background and his ego was so deflated. He felt really terrible that day and I began to also feel worse for making him feel terrible. That was when I realised I was beginning to develop feelings for him..

Anyways, I apologised and he got over his hurt eventually.

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