I thought he forgot something but alas, he came to beg me to have sex with him. He knelt down, begged, did all his tactics, I didn’t agree. That was how he  started telling me about how Aisha was his ex girlfriend, they dated before they got admission and how Aisha did a lot of untold things that made them break up.

So Aisha is your ex and you are here begging me to have sex with  you? For what reason exactly? He told me it was Aisha that invited him over so that they would have sex but he refused to have sex with Aisha which made Aisha angry. He was just talking, too many stories. As he was on and on with his stories, Aisha suddenly walked in.

She gave me this “I am disappointed at you look” on my part I was wondering why. She  took a pen and quickly wrote a long note on a paper, handed it to me and walked out with Frank. I read the note and she talked about how she was disappointed at me, how she watched I and Frank all night and how she let Frank come for reasons we both confirmed, how she doesn’t hold anything against me, said there are a lot of things she didnt tell me about Frank, too much talks . I was reading it and I was like ” what is this one saying?”

When she came back home, I asked her what she meant by her note, told her I didn’t do anything with Frank , she laughed and said she trusts me.

Two days after that incident, I went to see my friend Tovia, Tovia asked what happened between myself and Aisha, that Aisha said a lot of terrible things about me, that I am a whore,  she will deal with me, she will make sure my file gets missing in the senate, so much hate speech. I opened my mouth in shock. This same Aisha, I have been living with, laughing with, playing with ,yet she came to say such things about me. I said it means she can kill me.

But as usual, with my ever forgiving heart and good spirit, we kept living together not just as roommates but as friends. There was  a time my phone got missing so I had to use her phone to communicate with my boyfriend who was not in the same location with me. That was how Aisha got my boyfriend’s number.

I really dont know how she started communicating with him but one day, we were together and her phone rang, it was my boyfriend calling her. I had already gotten a phone so there was really no reason for my boyfriend to call me through her phone. She started  fidgeting, she handed me the phone and said it is your call. I told her my phone was on, if my boyfriend wanted to talk to me, he would reach me directly and not through her. So she should feel free and pick her call. And if my boyfriend wants to talk to me, then she can pass the phone to me. She answered the call, said a few yes, no, maybe, laughed and they ended the call. I didn’t  say a word.

Few days later, we travelled home for Easter break, after the break I came back to school before Aisha. While in school, a friend to my boyfriend who was also my school mate came to see me, he asked of Aisha, “she travelled home”, I said. He smiled and said “watch your back, not all friends are  friends”. I laughed and asked what he meant, he didn’t  say anything.

Apparently, Aisha had gone to see my boyfriend, according to the gist, they met in a hotel, they had sex and what not. She had cleared the path to my boyfriend’s heart by telling him all sorts of stories about me. She said I was a prostitute “on call” in school. That my picture and phone number was in a hotel where men could just pick up their phones and order for me. That I had sex with men for as low as three thousand  naira. When my boyfriend heard all these, he just wanted to hurt me back and by hurting me back, he had to sleep with my friend.

I don’t  know why but I was not angry, I still acted normal towards my friend and my boyfriend. It was when he was trying to badmouth Aisha to me that I had to cut off with him. He told me Aisha was a bad friend and I shouldn’t  be friends with her, I told him he had no right to choose my friends for me, besides he slept with her so he isn’t  any good either. That was how I cut off with him.

As for Aisha, she started feeling guilty. She left our apartment and was staying with a friend of hers. When she finally came back, she would write her usual long notes apologising to me. I would ask her what she was apologising for, but she just couldn’t  bring herself to say it. She tried different means to apologise but seriously I didn’t  hold a grudge against her. When she saw that from my heart, I was at peace with her, she became free with me again. We lived together and remained friends till we graduated and even up till now.

I had realized that we humans are wired in a way we think we are always right, but I understand people see and handle things differently.

The truth is, Aisha was a nice girl, she saw what ever she saw from a different angle and thought the best way to handle the issue at hand was to cause me pain by going for what I cherished.

Till today, I still wonder how and why I was cool and never reacted when I confirmed Aisha slept with my boy friend. I allowed her be and forgave her in my heart, never held any grudge against her

Don’t always be in haste to judge others, things are not always as they seem.

Inflicing pains on others doesn’t stop your own pains.

The best way to leave a free life is to be at peace with yourself and others.

Don’t allow people’s attitude and behaviour  turn you into what you’re not.
Always be your best.

Now let’s talk, 
1) Was Aisha’s behaviour justified?
2) Do you really think Mercy had anything to do with Aisha’s boyfriend?
3) What was the plan of Aisha’s boyfriend towards Mercy?
4) Is it always easy to do what Mercy  did?

5) What advise do you have for Mercy?


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