Today on let’s talk, David will be sharing what he called ” I couldn’t”.

There was this uncle of mine who was so good to me and my family (nuclear and extended). There are somethings he did that till today I still imagine why he did them. I am and will forever be grateful for having a man like that as an uncle.

Now , there is this Aunt of mine that lives abroad. My grandmother gave birth to my uncle before marrying my grand father, after the death of my uncle’s father .

After my grand father married my grand mother, they gave birth to my aunt who lives abroad before giving birth to my father.

My father and my aunt has the same father and same mother, while my uncle is of same mother but different father as my dad.

When my dad and my uncle were alive,they trained my aunt’s children. After my dad died, my uncle still didn’t stopped, he continued training my aunt’s children till they travelled out, one of them is in USA, while the other in Paris.

While the one in Paris was still here, she got pregnant, it was this uncle of mine that took care of all the bills ( both medical and others) till she delivered, after delivering the child, she dropped the child with my uncle, my uncle took care and trained the child like his own . My uncle also gave my aunt money to start up different businesses, paid house rent, fed them and also sent her children money before the lady (my aunt’s daughter) left, later she came back and took her baby from my uncle, so they both left.

Now when my grandmother was alive,there is this house she lived in my grand father’s compound, since my grand mother was no longer alive,we put up the house for rent, then collect house rent.

My father and my aunt has same surname while my uncle has a different surname since my grandmother gave birth to him before marrying my grand father (after the death of her husband)

The house rent is supposed to be for my self, siblings and aunt, but my aunt normally gives my uncle some money from the rent to assist me in  school since he (uncle) was the one training me in school.

When my uncle died, my aunt changed. She said I should no longer give my uncle’s children any money from the rent collected reason being that the man( my uncle) has died and is gone forever, therefore there is no longer a connection between us (morever, we are not of same father, the only thing connecting us together is no more, said my aunt) . She even said I should not let any of my uncle’s children or wife knows that she has been giving their father (my uncle) some part of the rent before he died.

First, this was same man that helped her and her children while he was alive,  yet you can’t share with his family because he is no more?

On my part, I knew that one day my uncle’s wife and kids will find out about the house and the rent I now collect,  and if they know how will they look at me knowing what their father did for me while he was alive.

I just deviced a way in my heart to act on this without hurting anyone.
My aunt actually asked that I collect the rent, take part for myself and siblings and send the other to his son here.

I,on my own prayed to God for guidance and also seek for advise from friends.

I thought about it, why will I be wicked towards my uncle’s family? the money might be small, but at this stage of their life it would go a long way. He was good to me and my family.

I didn’t listen to my aunt, I did what my heart says was right. I  shared the money gotten from the rent into three parts, gave my aunt, my uncle’s wife and collected the other part for myself and siblings

People are selfish and can easily forget good done to them,  don’t be like them, be appreciative and always follow the good path.

Now let’s talk,
1) What would be your reaction if you were asked to do what David was asked of?
2) What will you do if you were David?
3) What advise do you have for David?

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  1. Really interesting, the woman is selfish and wicked ….thats human being for u, once u are no more there to help them, they turn against u forgetting how u have been a source of blessing to them b4. Thank God u followed the Leading of ur heart and God.

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