Sometimes we are faced with situations that tend to make us feel it’s over. When you come face to face with danger, what will you do?

Today on let’s talk, John will be Sharing  his experience with a wild dog in Nigeria, fasten your seat belt because we are going on a ride.

My first encounter with the ‘Dogue de Bordeaux breed’ at Sir Hassan compound.

Unknown to the security man the dog have pulled out from the chain. Face to face with this beast,my spirit jumped out of my body to carry his own cross,I felt poo coming out from my butt.
I could hear Jesus telling me it is well my son, I was numb and half dead while the  beast  gnarled  at me to make the first move. At that moment I had  pee on my body,  I won’t lie.

I knew I was a dog eater,inside my mind I asked the  beast to forgive me for eating his brothers and sisters
I asked God for forgiveness of all my sins because  if the dog’s teeth touches me, I must have my bone broken.
 At the same time asking for the Messiah the promise for his second coming.l, I needed my own Messiah that moment.
Na so Santa wick for die n.a. biz I come do I  no come tiff o. So that is how Santa Wick would have died, “I didn’t cone to steal, I only came for business”, I said in my mind.

At that moment I heard a voice I think from heaven saying “close your eye , close your eye o, don’t look at him in the eye, if you  dare look at him in the eye that means you want to challenge him and he will attack you,  just don’t move and stop shaking because  he would sense fear and attack.

“Bronx get down, don’t attack,  Bronx get down don’t attack, and you don’t move or open your eye,   Bronx , Bronx,” said Mr Hassan.
I that have closed my eyes snd stood still immediately I saw the dog , no wonder the dog’s attack was delayed.
It was then I knew God was involved.

I am Daniel in the Bible  if not I would have  turned  “Santasomto Uwickezie” in the mouth of this dog.
Well, I cleaned  up, Sir Hassan did compensated me well 😉 for the discomfort.
I requested that I  needed to see the dog before I leave, gosh! The dog was ugly and  big. I fell in love with the breed.  I swear and I know I must get one some day.

Anyway thank God for life and prayers answered. Indeed, God answers prayer.

The truth is, I was totally afraid because I know what those kind of dogs could do. They will rip off every part in your body but I also knew I needed to survive. I prayed to God to help me, It was as if I heard a voice and immediately closed my eyes, stood still and stopped shaking, hence the reason the dog delayed to attack.

Don’t be too quick to give up, if I saw the end, then like a movie, my life would have ended even before the dog’s owner came out and even if I didn’t die, I would have sustained alot of injuries on my body.

Now let’s talk,
1) Do you think what John did to survive is applicable to every situation like that?
2) If you were John, what would you have done?


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